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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The darkness within

We hear the horror stories from around the world about terrorist attacks, but it seems so distant... until it happens in your country, your city. Recently in Edmonton Alberta, a terrorist struck a police officer with a vehicle, jumped out and stabbed him multiple times, and then used a U Haul van to try to kill more people.  And we all know about the mass murder in Vegas. It brings it all home, doesn't it?

The aim of terrorism is just that- terror. Fear gives them power- at least, they think it does. They want people to cower, to be subservient, so they can continue in their reign. The culture that most of this comes from thrives on a powerful elite and a population stripped of the means to stand up to them; through fear, poverty, oppression and brutality. This is an age old story, and it is the story of evil trying to reign supreme.

How does one stand up to evil when one's life is at stake?

Think back to Auschwitz and the great evil of a race who believed that people who they considered lesser humans, should die. This mentality is still prevalent today. You see it in a person who can callously take up a gun and pull the trigger on hundreds of people, in a person who gets behind the wheel and mows down helpless pedestrians. This mentality is also in each individual person who commits murder through abortion.

How have we let evil hold sway in our own life?
Do we hold on to our prejudices, our selfishness, our me first attitude? Would you run away or turn back and help?

We fight evil through our goodness. We hold on to our faith, and we stand strong in it. We cannot change other people, but we can change ourselves. We can find the darkness within ourselves, and banish it with the Light.

Let the only fear that rules you be the holy fear of God- that is, the fear of losing Him for eternity. Think of all the men and women throughout history who stood firm in their faith and faced the torments of evil. I would rather lose my mortal life than lose God. And that is how you stand up to evil, that is how you find the strength to face death. And yes, I pray that I will never have to do that, I pray that the power of evil in this world will diminish and Satan will be sent howling to be chained in hell for all eternity. It starts with me. It starts with you.

May God always give us the strength we need to put God first, others second, and ourselves last.

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kam said...

Bravo! Thank you, Shirley.