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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sanctify the moment

When we read the stories about the lives of saints, we see that many of them suffered much, either physically or mentally. And as we consider our own lives, we can see that our suffering is nothing compared to theirs.
Does it seem to you that perhaps sainthood is only for those of heroic virtue?
We are all called to be saints, for a saint is nothing more than someone who dwells in heaven for eternity. Their greatness does merit them a higher place in heaven than perhaps we will merit.
So if God's plan for us doesn't include heroic suffering, how do we make sure we can make it to the highest heaven possible for us?
By sanctifying the moment, and doing all for the glory of God and the relief of souls suffering in Purgatory.
Every action you do can have value if you do it for God and not for your own glory.
Every indulgence you gain increases in merit if you offer it for the Holy Souls.
A simple little prayer you can say many times during the day, as you perform even menial tasks, or are doing something you enjoy, is: "For the love of Jesus and Mary and the relief of the suffering souls".
Don't like washing dishes? Offer it up with that little prayer.
Have to back down in an argument with your spouse? Offer it up.
Enjoying a relaxing vacation on the beach with your family? Offer it up.
Scored the winning goal or completed a physical task well? Offer it up.

So many little things we do in our daily lives that will increase our merit if only we offer them up for the greater glory of God.

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