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Thursday, February 11, 2016

My journey, continued: Prayer and trust

A further point to my last post. 
 As I ponder my sins, and the sins of the world, I often am very troubled, especially with the persecution of Christians and the slaughter of innocents in the womb. We are at  a point in the history of the world beyond compare, where safety and a peaceful life are jeopardized at every turn.
I am reminded of the Hank Williams song, "When sleep won't come, the whole night through..." only when I "toss around and call my name" the Name I call upon is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Last night, I had a breakthrough in trust.
Certain things were giving me great trouble of mind, and I finally just put it all in His Hands. I also included the Blessed Virgin, as I laid all my woes out and asked them for mercy upon this world.
This is my go to prayer for placing my trust in Jesus:

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I place my trust in Thee.
Whatever may befall me Lord,
Though dark the hour may be;
In all my woes, in all my joys,
Though naught but grief I see;
O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I place my trust in Thee.
When those I love have passed away,
And I am sore distressed,
O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I fly to Thee for rest.
In all my trials, great and small,
my confidence shall be unshaken as I cry,
Dear Lord, I place my trust in Thee.
This is my one sweet prayer, dear Lord,
My faith, my trust, my love;
But most of all in that last hour
When death points up above,
O sweet Saviour, may Thy face smile
On my soul all free;
Oh may I cry with rapturous love:
I've placed my trust in Thee.

I have said this prayer many times since I found it, and especially at night when I am troubled, and I finally am reaping the benefit of it- I have finally learned to trust, and then let it go.
I  know we are always told to trust in God, that we don't know His plans and that His ways are not our ways- but knowing that and implementing that trust have been a work in progress for me.
Like the woman in the Bible story whose prayers finally wore down the judge, God has finally worn down my resistance and I am finding the peace of actually trusting in Him.


bill bannon said...

From that prayer, there is a partial indulgence attached to saying.... " Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Thee."

Michael said...

Shirley, thank you so much for sharing this prayer and lesson with me. It is not always easy to just let go but reading this prayer certainly helped. God Bless you!

Marilena Fenn said...

The sins of the world deeply bother me. I feel the weight of it a lot sometimes, in this moment, I am particularly closest to Christ.