Life is a journey; the choices you make now will determine your eternal destination.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lenten Reflections- The Stations of the Cross- the 3rd Station

The Third Station
Jesus falls the first time

After the brutal treatment of scourging and the other blows He received from the time of His capture to receiving the burden of the Cross, Jesus' body was weakened. His Divine nature never faltered, but His human nature succumbed to natural law: and He fell. It is our human nature which causes us to fall.  It is by grace that we rise again, as Jesus did after this first fall: God is merciful and always willing to give us another chance. It is up to us to choose to walk in God's ways and do our best not to fall into sin. The weight we have to bear is the weight of our own sin- Jesus bore the weight of the sins of all people. 
Let us pray for the grace to always seek to do God's will, so that we never fall into mortal sin and that we will have the strength we need to overcome the impulses of our human nature.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lenten Reflections- The Stations of the Cross: the 2nd Station

The Second Station
Jesus carries His Cross

Jesus willingly accepted the Cross of our redemption.
When we are given the cross in life, do we accept it willingly? Do we consider that it is part of our redemption? Many people believe that since Jesus suffered and died for us, that we should not have to suffer, and that God, being a merciful God should not allow suffering. Are we then, to be placed above Jesus? Are we so perfect that we should not have to suffer? Of course not. What is important is how we accept the burdens God places on us. Without cursing God for our pain and sorrow. Knowing that this burden is ours and that if we ask, God will give us the strength and courage to bear it. Jesus set the example for us- consider Him, already beaten, scourged and humiliated, having to take up the Cross while weakened with pain. Let us follow His example, and remember the words of Fr. Corapi- no Cross, no crown.
Lord, grant me the grace to accept whatever You will send me in life as Your will, and always to remember the words of Jesus in the garden: Not my will, but Thine be done.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lenten Reflections- The Stations of the Cross: the 1st Station

The First Station
Jesus is Condemned to Death

Pilate washed his hands as a signal that Jesus was to be put to death. How many times have we washed our hands of our Saviour, shutting Him out of our lives!
 If we could stand in His presence, how would He judge us?
 Could you bear to look at His Holy Face and say, Jesus, I don't want You to live in my heart, in my life- I want to cling to my sinful ways because it gives me pleasure, and to live a holy life is too hard!
Or would you fall on your knees and ask forgiveness and mercy, from Him who received no mercy at the hands of His tormentors?

Jesus, let me never condemn You and shut You out of my life! Grant me the grace to change my sinful ways! Let me never reject You again.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love's turn

A while ago I did a post on evil, and this one is about love.
When we are little children, love is easy- it is what ever makes you feel good; a meal, a cuddle, a new toy, a parent's encouragement and approval.
As we grow to the teenage years, we think of love as whatever makes us feel special, and set apart from others as we search for our place in life, our identity. And of course, this can often lead us astray.
As young adults love is usually centred around our relationship with another person, and hopefully leads to marriage and families.
And as we grow old, and find that love is no longer about passion, and self, that's when we turn to the love that endures time: the love of God.
People often wonder what old people have left to live for, when all their friends and family have drifted away, when they are no longer useful in society or are infirm and need help to live.
For me, as I age, I know that what I have to live for is to seek true love, to feel God's love for me and in turn pass that love on to others. Love is eternal in that God is love, and to enter in to that love should be our goal; to spend eternity surrounded by pure love.
How do we get there?
How do we shed the shackles that keep us bound to all that keeps us from God? Our daily lives, filled with trials and tribulations, with concerns and issues; how can we use that to increase in love?
By making each thing we say, do think and feel an offering to Him in reparation and repentance for everything we have done that drew us away from God. By trying to remember the Holy Presence of God all day and night, for to think of Him is to love Him and He returns our love a hundredfold.
Do all for the love of God, especially the things that are the hardest to do. Converse with Him, in both vocal and silent prayer. Jesus, I trust in You! Jesus, I love You! Increase Your love in me O Lord, that I may love You as much as I am able, and then do with me what Thou will.