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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lenten Reflections- The Stations of the Cross: The 11th Station

The Eleventh Station
Jesus is nailed to the Cross

The Cross is prepared. Jesus is cast down upon it, and the soldiers proceed to hold Him down and brutally pound nails through His sacred hands and feet.
He spreads His arms out, this last act encompasses His love for us- a love so strong that He endured this torture for us. For you. For me. We often think of this station as the most gruesome and horrible, but it is also the most beautiful, for Jesus willingly did this. His arms were outstretched in love, His will perfectly in unison with God the Father in the plan for our salvation. We, weak and sinful humans, so loved by God. Look into those eyes, and know that you are loved. Look into your soul, and take all your sins, and nail them to the Cross of your salvation. Give them to Him who died to free us. 
O Jesus, I lay my burdens at the foot of the Cross and beg You to forgive me for the pain I have caused You. Every one of my sins is a blow from the hammer and nail. Help me. O Lord, to avoid sin at all cost, and to conform myself to the will of God, even as You did.

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