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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lenten Reflections- The Stations of the Cross: The 10th Station

The Tenth Station
 Jesus is stripped of His garments

As a final indignity before He is nailed to the Cross, Jesus is stripped of His clothing; naked just as He came into this world clothed only in our weak flesh, so it was how He left it. 
All the things we acquire throughout life are meaningless at the point of death. We are stripped of our vitality, often our pride, our health, sometimes of our senses. Worldly goods and social standing avail us not as we face the entrance to eternity. The only things that matter are the things unseen: our actions, prayers, conformity of our will to God's will. These are our measure, not how much we are esteemed in the eyes of man, but how God sees us. No matter what we are stripped of at the end of our life, we are all naked in God's eyes, for He looks into our souls. 
O Lord, help me to release my attachment to things of this world, and strive to live my life remembering always that what is in my heart matters most. Help me to purify my thoughts and actions according to Your will and not mine. Help me to increase in love of You and decrease in love of self and the world. 

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