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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lenten Reflections- The Stations of the Cross: the 7th Station

The Seventh Station
Jesus falls the second time

The physical punishment Jesus has taken has weakened Him to the point that His body gives out on Him again, and he falls to the ground. He is forced to get up and continue His journey. We too fall, time and again- we repeat mistakes, destructive patterns of behaviour, addictions, and sins. By grace, we rise again, and if we think of Jesus, struggling to His feet to continue on, we can find the courage to break free of all that drags us down. Yes, we may fall again, but it isn't the end of the road- we have to struggle to rise up and carry on- through anguish, grief, pain, or just plain self indulgence. We will still have our burdens to carry, and sometimes they will seem too heavy to bear.
Jesus, You show us in this seventh station that even though we fall repeatedly, we still have to struggle on. You have given hope that we can still get up and go on. Jesus, give us the strength we need to overcome our sins, and to carry with dignity the Cross You have given us, even if we feel that we are not strong enough to bear it.

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