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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Lets talk a little bit about evil.
We all know that evil is rampant in the world today, and that the secular media either doesn't cover the atrocities that are going on, or supports the evil in their own back yard.
It has gotten to the point where evil has become commonplace, and is defended as a right.  I know I did say I wasn't going to get political any more, but evil happens when good people remain silent.
I'll get to that in another post- but this one is about personal experiences of evil.
A few weeks ago,I was dreaming that someone evil was trying to get into my house. This being was in the guise of someone familiar, but the presence of evil around him was palpable. I managed to keep him at bay- barely- and then I woke up and yelled, Satan, go away! The evil was still present so I got up and grabbed my Holy Water bottle and sprinkled every door window and room in the house- and that took it away.
A couple of days later, I was cleaning my office, and found some writing on my wall, in a place that I would have seen it previously. The words were written in green crayon, one above the other: Killing Me Self and below that was the word Stop enclosed in a square. Within inches of these words are a palm Cross that I put up, and a framed photo of my daughter. I would have seen those words before, surely! The interesting thing is that there was a suicide on this property a few years before we came to live here, and it is likely that the room I use as an office was his bedroom.
It makes me wonder if evil can dwell in a place, waiting for a chance to take hold of a soul. From the day I chose this room as my office, I have filled it with holy things- Bible, and other books written by saints, rosaries, holy cards and pictures. I also use it as a prayer room.
Evil dwells here no more.
Do any of you, my readers, have personal experiences of evil?

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Marilena Fenn said...

You cannot get away from evil in this old morally corrupt, and bankrupt world. We have to focus on the goal, and that is heaven. Our lives matter to God, and while the world doesn't put a value on the eternal soul, God does. That is why I am taking your sound advice.