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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Where there is love there is hope

I know it has been a long time since I have written here. I have been greatly troubled by the political situation in this world, it is as though I am watching the disintegration of morals and the methodical destruction of Christian values. The slaughter of innocents (abortion) has reached epidemic proportions, and in the Muslim countries, Christians are being murdered by the hundreds.
I know that it has been foretold that things will get extremely bad, that Satan will have free reign- as he does now- before the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and I truly believe that we are now in that time. As I look at all the evil that is being forced on the common people, I also see the strength of those who truly love God, the strength that can only come from the love of God and the grace given because of that love. There will be a breaking point, where the limits of tolerance are broken and the people will say, No more! We will have to stand up for our faith, our beliefs, at any cost.
We have as our protectress and champion, our hope and inspiration, the great Mother of God. She knew how great is the evil of this world and how her Son came to live, teach, and suffer for us. She shared in the joy of His life as well as His Passion.
As we approach Advent and the joyful time of celebration for the Nativity of Jesus, let's not forget that the joy we feel also led to the Passion and Death, and that evil can be overcome by faith and grace, prayer, penance, and mortification. May the Lord give us the strength we need in all our trials, and may His Blessed Mother protect us beneath her mantle.


Michael said...


God Bless you.

kam said...

As Michael said, "Amen, and God Bless you." My two cents to add; When we get to that breaking point, when we as true Traditional Catholics will stand up and take no more, by then, even, now, I don't believe it will matter. I believe that God has already begun to withdraw His graces from mankind, in reparation for our sins against God, His Mother, and ourselves. Prayer is what will sustain us in the times that are coming, times that are already on our doorstep and opening our doors...Too many sins by man, deliberate sins, sins of omission, every kind of sin has pushed the ship which is Holy Mother Church so far off course that only the Hand of God can right the course. Prayer, fasting to focus ourselves and more prayer is needed now.

Joanne Perrett said...

Amen this is helped me with mt sadness and redirected how I am feeling