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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Assisted Suicide and murder- one and the same

I've always been against assisted suicide. I'm Catholic, after all. Death is not ours to deal out. I believe that people who kill in the name of the law, whether it be abortion or assisted suicide, have murder in their heart. They aren't coming from a place of love and compassion, and please spare me the "I can't stand to see them suffer" argument. These people want to get rid of the nuisance of another's suffering (and in the case of abortion, getting rid of the nuisance that being responsible for another's life is to them). Counseling and abetting the death of another human being, in utero or in person, is tantamount to committing murder.
The recent case of Kenneth Carr is a prime example. This man was a murderer to start with, and used assisted suicide as a means to prey on women and cause their death.
Assisted suicide, euthanasia, abortion- it's all murder. It's all the death of a human being at the whim of another.
How much longer until the murder of a healthy person is socially acceptable and protected under law? Isn't it already?

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Michele said...

As God said in the 10 commandents, "Thou shalt not kill".