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Monday, April 23, 2012

Flawed Reasoning

Well it's rant time. One of the reasons I hate Facebook is because people post "inspirational" slogans and many of them have hidden agendas- or in this case, blatant stupidity, and people mindlessly jump on the bandwagon and hit "share" without thinking things through. The case in point is the recent one circulating about how "homosexuality is found in 450 species in nature, and homophobia is found in one- and who's the unnatural one now?" Come on people, give your head a shake. First of all, define phobia. The dictionary definition is "a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it."

I'm sure they aren't talking about fear, unless it's their own fear. A dislike of the act of homosexual sex does not constitute a phobia. And if a person does have a phobia, why are they making it in to a crime?

The next point is that just because something occurs in nature, doesn't mean that it is acceptable in human society, unless you want to lower yourself to the level of animals. Murder and cannibalism occur in nature, and in a lot more that 450 species. By their reasoning, this means that it should be acceptable in human society, and that anyone who disagrees is guilty of the crime of "murderophobia" or "cannibalophobia". By this flawed reasoning, people are no better than animals, and any behavior that pertains to animals should be socially acceptable in humans. I can only see a downward spiral in the intelligence of humanity as I read Facebook. Now that is something to fear.


Michael said...

Well said.

God Bless you!

John - said...

It really is sad. I mean I don't think FB has done much to help society or bring people closer to God. I feel like it used more as a distraction to take away from family time or more constructive things to do. I have never joined FB and don't plan to. I just don't see the value. Great post!