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Sunday, December 11, 2011


As we wait with joyful hope
How many people don't feel the joy of anticipation of the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child?
Their minds tuned only to earthly pleasures and what gifts they are about to receive, wrapped in sparkling paper and placed under a plastic tree, they fail to think of the greatest gift of all- Divine Love and Mercy, in the person of a tiny babe, a gift from God to His erring people; the promise of eternal life earned through His suffering and death.
The other night, I had a revelation of my very own littleness, with a sense of the infinite Majesty of God, and myself as tinier than a speck of sand. It was a vivid image, and very humbling. At the same time, knowing that His love encompasses even such a speck- and the millions of us who make up the human race- fills me with joy and hope. 


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Brilliant post.

God bless.

Michele said...

beautiful! just what i needed! God bless you! Merry Christmas Shirley!