Life is a journey; the choices you make now will determine your eternal destination.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My journey, continued

My sister and I made a trip recently to see our father, who has Lewy Body Dementia. Our purpose was to make sure that a priest would come to administer the sacrament of the Sick. We did accomplish this, and it was very interesting; near the end of the prayer, Dad looked at me and said clearly, "the door has been opened!". Now, Dad has been away from the Church for over 40 years, and we have been praying for him to receive the grace of final perseverance. The priest who came to see him is from the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, to whom I have a strong devotion. He set some other things in motion which I won't discuss here, but we have great hope that when it is Dad's time, that he will be in a state of grace. We have placed this in the hands of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
The point of telling you this, is that with prayer and the help of the Communion of Saints, we can hope. Hope is such a great grace; it lifts us up when things seem on the brink of despair; it keeps us strong when things seem impossible. When you petition God, have hope in your heart, because hope is necessary for trust in God.
In You, O Lord, I place all my hope and my refuge.  On You I cast all my troubles and anguish, because whatever I have outside of You I find to be weak and unstable.  (The Imitation of Christ, Book 3 Ch. 59)

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