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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A rant on worldly sermons

How much thought do you put into what happens to your soul after death? For most of the people I know, the answer is, very little. Too caught up in this life to think of the afterlife. Too little religious education to even understand a little of the 4 last things. This past Sunday, I heard a homily from a Deacon that really disturbed me. He downplayed heaven as an eternal destination, and told us that we should focus on heaven on earth; that we should try to live our lives doing good so that we can be a part of heaven on earth. I was a little disturbed, to say the least. Of course, we should spend our lives doing good- but to belittle the importance of attaining heaven as the goal of our existence in this life? Our souls cry out to be united with their Creator, and the self-satisfaction of "doing good" can't even come close to meeting that need. To me, it was a sermon that faced away from God, and was more about self esteem. To be expected, I guess, in a parish where nobody kneels for the Consecration.
We are expected to always try to be charitable and merciful, especially to our less fortunate fellow humans. We don't need to pat ourselves on the back for it. In fact, I believe it says in the Bible to not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing; to do your works of mercy quietly, without seeking public acclaim for them.
I don't know about that Deacon, but my goal is Heaven for Eternity. Not Heaven on Earth.


Michele said...

thus, it is my goal as well.

mrscravitz said...

My goal as well. Thank you for this post.