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Friday, July 29, 2011

My journey, continued

Sometimes I worry that I don't do enough penance for the sins of my past, that my time in Purgatory will be long. However, I do what I can, and by the Grace of God am allowed to do whatever sacrifices I can offer according to my state in life.  I am greatly encouraged by this bit in the Imitation of Christ, Book 3, Chapter 52:

What do you especially demand of a guilty and wretched sinner, except that he be contrite and humble himself for his sins? In true sorrow and humility of heart hope of forgiveness is born, the troubled conscience is reconciled, grace is found, man is preserved from the wrath to come, and God and the penitent meet with a holy kiss.
To You, O Lord, humble sorrow for sins is an acceptable sacrifice, a sacrifice far sweeter than the perfume of incense. This is also the pleasing ointment which You would have poured upon Your sacred feet, for a contrite and humble heart You have never despised. Here is a place of refuge from the force of the enemy's anger. Here is amended and washed away whatever defilement has been contracted elsewhere.

Thank You, Lord, for Your loving mercy.

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