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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Time for change.

When one Bishop's agenda can silence a voice for the truth, it's time for change.
You all have heard about Fr. Corapi and how he is being forced out of the priesthood by archaic rules like this:
(From Fr. Corapi's new website, The Black Sheepdog)

.    The identity of the accuser is not revealed. You can guess, but you don’t actually know. Nor are the exact allegations made known to you. Hence, you have an interesting situation of having to respond to an unknown accuser making unknown accusations (unknown to the accused and his counsel).
2.    The persons chosen to investigate the allegations normally have no qualifications to do so. They certainly didn’t graduate from the FBI academy, nor do they have any other background to qualify them to interrogate or otherwise interview witnesses.
3.    There are no set rules of evidence or norms of procedure.
4.    You are for all practical purposes assumed guilty until you can prove you are innocent. This one is truly baffling. No civilized society operates that way. If you are accused of something you are considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
5.    The accused and his counsel have no right to obtain and review any of the evidence against him.
6.    The accused and his counsel are not provided the names of witnesses, nor are they permitted to cross-examine them.
7. There is a general unwillingness or outright refusal by certain of the         bishops to abide by applicable statutes of limitations, both in canon and civil law. There are good reasons for these statutes. Time has a way of clouding memories and distorting perceptions.
By the way, Canon Law does not dictate this. They choose to selectively ignore or violate both Canon Law and Civil Law, as they deem appropriate and or expeditious. Once again, they apparently have the discretionary power to do this, and if that’s the way it is I have to accept that as reality.

It is time for change. And this time, we as faithful Catholics need to make our voices heard. If anyone has any ideas about how we can take this issue to the Pope, I would appreciate a link. There is no sense complaining about the actions of the Bishops; it's the procedure that needs to change.


OnFire said...

i was shocked when i listened to father corapi's speech on jean's blog, catholic fire. i can't imagine father using drugs, and having a relationship with the accused woman. i hope he can clear his name. i really do.

OnFire said...

let me correct the word, "accused" the woman is not accused, she is the alleged accuser. just wanted to clear that up.

- michele