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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My journey, continued

As I have progressed through the Consecration to Jesus through Mary, I have come to learn more about our Blessed Mother, and how she leads us to God. If your spiritual life has stagnated, you may consider making or renewing this consecration. The following  excerpt from The Secret of Mary explains it quite well.

Act for Mary
49. 4. We must perform all our actions for Mary. This means that, as slaves of this noble Queen, we always work with serving her constantly in mind. We always intend to promote her interests and to acknowledge her high renown. We are always conscious of offering our merits to Mary, and we make this the first aim in all our acts: though the glory of God must always be our final intention. In everything we must renounce self-love, because more often than not, without our being aware of it, selfishness sets itself up as the end of all we work for. We should often repeat from the depths of our heart: Dear Mother, it is to please you that I go here or there, that I do this or that, or that I suffer this pain or this injury.
50. Beware, chosen soul, of thinking that it is more perfect to direct your work and intention straight to Jesus or straight to God.  Without Mary, your works and your intentions will be of less value, since they will not be adorned by the beauty of the virtues of the soul of your Queen. If you always go to God through Mary, your work itself will become Mary's work, and consequently it will be most noble and most worthy in the eyes of God.
51. Beware of harming yourself by endeavoring to experience pleasure in your prayers and good deeds. Try to pray and act always with some of that pure faith which Mary had when she lived on earth, for she will share this with you. You do not need to concern yourself with raptures or ecstasies. The greatest mystical theologians of the Church treat such things with the gravest caution. In fact, St. John of the Cross advises any soul who believes that it experiences a mystical experience to reject it immediately. If it is from God, it will always have the good effect that God desires. But, if it is not from God, (which often they are not), you will have put no stake or value in them at all. By immediately dismissing any mystical experience, God's grace will always sanctify your soul in spite of your cautious humility, while the devils false pleasures will be constantly rejected. Slave of love, let your sovereign Queen enjoy the clear sight of God, the raptures, the delights, and the satisfactions and riches of heaven. Content yourself with a pure faith, which may be accompanied by repugnance, distractions, weariness and dryness. Let your prayer be: Whatever Mary my Queen in heaven wills, I say: Amen! So be it! We cannot do better than this for the time being.
God will not be slow in showering you with consolations, even if you do not seek them. And when you do experience his heavenly consolations, receive them always with holy fear. For if God gives you consolation today, it is only to strengthen you to be able to suffer more grievous crosses or afflictions tomorrow. When those afflictions come, and they surely will, be certain that those agonies also will soon pass, and that God will again refresh you. As we become stronger, our consolations may become less frequent. But our faith, and our habits of prayer, especially the habit of the affective prayer of love, should remain lively. By persevering in love, and by habitually performing acts of love, even when we feel no consolation, our soul will soon be purified unto perfection. The saints teach that developing the habit affective prayer, (the prayer of pure loving, intentionally adopting a disposition of ardent love of God; which power resides only in the will,) is by far the most effective means to attain union with God! Learning to practice the affective prayer of love, is more edifying to our souls than are years of fasting or strict mortification.

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