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Monday, January 10, 2011

Mary's Morning Prayer

I take to heart the instruction in the Bible to "pray without ceasing" , and of course, in all my human weakness, this is not easy to accomplish. Therefore, I often look to the Saints for inspiration; for what better example than those who have lived a holy life and now reside in the realm of eternal glory- the destination I strive for! In my reading of The City of God, Volume 1, The Incarnation, I have come across a morning prayer described by our Blessed Mother in her conversation with Mary of Agreda. She is instructing Mary of Agreda to bless and magnify God, and tells her of the way she acknowledged God at the start of each day, every day of her life. This is not written in the form of a prayer, so I leave it up to you to adapt it to your own personal way of speaking to God.

Mary says, "Strive with all thy powers to imitate me in an exercise, in which I persevered during my whole life from the very first moment of my life, omitting it not on a single day, however full of cares and labors it might have been.This exercise was the following: every day at beginning of dawn, I prostrated myself in the presence of the Most High and gave Him thanks and praise for His immutable Being, His infinite perfections, and for having created me out of nothing; acknowledging myself as His creature and the work of His hands, I blessed Him and adored Him, giving Him honor, magnificence and Divinity, as the Supreme Lord and Creator of myself and of all that exists. I raised up my spirit to place it into His hands, offering myself with profound humility and resignation to Him and asking Him to dispose of me according to His will during that day and during all the days of my life, and to teach me to fulfill whatever would be to His greater pleasure.
This I repeated many times during the external works of the day, and in the internal ones I first consulted His Majesty, asking His advice, permission, and benediction for all my actions."

What a great example our Beloved Mother sets here for us! We get so caught up in the worries and works of our daily life that it takes an effort of will to even think of God, let alone to bless and glorify Him repeatedly throughout the day. How often when we awake, our minds immediately turn to planning our day, worrying about details of it instead of doing as Mary does in this prayer, loving and blessing our Creator and placing ourselves in His hands.

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Michael said...

Thanks for sharing. St. Paul's "pray without ceasing" is such a memorable and inspiring quote - but I had not seen the info from Mary. What a wonderful example!