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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Over the last two years, I have done a lot of spiritual reading on Mary, and feel that at last I am ready to do the St. Louis De Montfort consecration to Jesus through Mary. That will be my spiritual focus for this year. What better way to seek Jesus than through the Mediatrix who brought Him to us? To all those who don't understand the Catholic devotion to Mary, think of it this way: if you couldn't find someone, and had tried every avenue you could think of, would you hire someone who has more resources than you do? Of course you would, it would increase your chances of success. And because I desire to spend eternity in heaven, contemplating the glory of His Divine Majesty, I humbly approach Mary, and ask her to lead me to her Son. As it says in the dedication to the book True Devotion to Mary: "The more we honor the Blessed Virgin, the more we honor Jesus Christ, because we honor Mary only that we may the more perfectly honor Jesus, since we go to her only as the way by which we are to find the end we are seeking, which is Jesus."
My husband gave me an image of the Mother of Perpetual Help for Christmas, which will help my devotion.


Michele said...

i haven't done this consecration yet. but i will. i did consecrate myself to the Most Holy Virgin. definitely. not sorry i did. :) i LOVE the way your blog looks!!!

kam said...

Absolutly, the blog looks great. I re-consecrated on Dec. 12, The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This was year number three, and if you have a deep devotion to Mary and Jesus, this is a very fulfilling path to walk. As the years go by the spirituality of the devotion sets in, as Mary and Her Son become closer to you, and you to them. It's hard to explain... k