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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Novena for the Pope

Please pray for our Pope in his efforts to right the helm of the Barque of Peter.

Novena for Pope Benedict XV1
Lord, source of eternal life and truth'
give to Your shepherd, Benedict, a spirit
of courage and right judgement, a spirit
of knowledge and love. By governing
with fidelity those entrusted to his care,
may he, as successor to the Apostle Peter
and Vicar of Christ, build Your Church
into a sacrament of unity, love and peace
for all the world. Amen.

Let us pray for Benedict, the Pope.
May the Lord preserve him, give him a long
life, make him blessed upon the earth,
and not hand him over to the power of his enemies.

May Your hand be upon your holy servant.
And upon Your Son, Whom You have anointed.
Our Father...... Hail Mary.... Glory Be.....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Government follows through

From LifeSite News, this report which shows that PM Harper kept his word on not supporting abortion funding at the G8 Summit Health Plan.

Canadian Gvmt: No Abortion in G8 Maternal Health Plan

By Patrick B. Craine

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, April 27, 2010 ( – Canada will not fund abortion as part of its 'signature' initiative to promote maternal and child health care as president of this June's G8 summit, International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda announced Monday.

“Canada’s contribution to maternal and child health may involve various interventions, including family planning, which includes the use of contraceptive methods,” said Oda, who heads the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), according to the Toronto Star. “The details remain to be determined; however, Canada’s contribution will not include funding of abortions.”

Gwen Landolt, vice president of REAL Women Canada, praised the Conservative government's decision, saying that they clearly “realize that you don't impose the practices of the Western world on the developing world.”

Landolt told on Tuesday that the prime minister had effectively said that his plan’s purpose is to “help poverty stricken countries, and to help them is to help women with clean water and proper medical care and looking after children after they're born.

“But destroying human life is simply no solution to the problem, because women in the developing world – because of cultural and religious reasons – they like having their children. They want their babies.”

Oda made the announcement in Halifax, where she is meeting this week with the G8 development ministers in preparation for the G8 summit June 25-27 in Huntsville, Ontario.

Oda and other members of the government had initially insisted that abortion was not part of the Conservatives' plan after the Prime Minister announced it in January. But following loud criticism from the opposition parties, in particular Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, the government began simply reiterating that they did not wish to reopen the debate on abortion.

There was some fear that the government would back down on abortion, especially given that they had already backed down and agreed to include contraception, despite initial statements denying that contraception would be funded. Pressed by reporters about abortion funding at the end of March, Oda had stated, "We are not closing any options . ... We are not ruling out any options.”

Oda's comments Monday confirmed a similar statement made earlier in the day by her parliamentary secretary, Conservative MP Jim Abbott. “We are focused on how to make a positive difference to save the lives of mothers and children in the developing world,” he told the House in response to a question from Bloc Quebecois MP Johanne Deschamps. “Canada's contribution to maternal and child health may include family planning, however, Canada's contribution will not include funding abortion.”

NDP leader Jack Layton told Canwest that the government's decision “puts Canada offside with the consensus in the G8 on the global effort to improve women and children's health which in a comprehensive program has got to include all of the tools, all of the approaches in a legal context. I think it's very unfortunate."

Liberal MP Bob Rae, told reporters, "Canada is now taking an ideological position and, frankly, I think they've raised something which could well have been avoided in the effort to create a stronger international consensus."

But Oda insisted the other G8 members support Canada's plan. "There is no division on what it includes or not includes," she said. "Canada's initiative, that they support, is saving the lives of mothers and children under the age of five, and that does not mean supporting abortions."

The announcement was also confirmed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's spokesman, Dimitri Soudas. Soudas told reporters Monday that the government's decision aligned with the House of Commons' rejection last month of a Liberal motion that called for abortion in the plan, reports the Toronto Star.

The motion, defeated 144-138 on March 23, called for the plan to “include the full range of family planning, sexual and reproductive health options." While omitting the word 'abortion', its intention was clear from its denunciation of President George W. Bush's Mexico City Policy, which restricted U.S. federal funds from being given to groups promoting or providing abortion overseas. The motion was backed by the opposition parties, but was defeated because 13 Liberal MPs were absent or abstained, and 3 Liberals - Paul Szabo, Dan McTeague, and John McKay - opposed the motion on principle.

Landolt emphasized that the Conservatives' plan conforms to the “religion and cultures of the developing world,” but accused those promoting abortion in the plan of trying to impose the “elitist imperialism of the Western world.”

“Those who are pushing this culture of death are obsessed with providing death ethics,” explained Mary Ellen Douglas, national organizer of Campaign Life Coalition.

Reacting to the claim that the Conservatives' approach is “ideological,” Douglas said, “It's a good ideology. It's pro-life in the absolute sense of pro-life. It's an ethical stand, and if the ideology is ethical then that's a wonderful thing.”

“We're happy that the Prime Minister has not reneged on his very good ethical statement that he wants to provide health care for pregnant women and their babies,” she emphasized. “This is what's needed in the Third World, not the offer of the death of those children.”

Contact Information:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2
Fax: 613-941-6900

Bev Oda, Minister of International Cooperation
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
Phone: (613) 992-2792
Fax: (613) 992-2794

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on the Sex Ed Fiasco in Ontario.

It pays to make your voice heard. Although I am not directly affected by this ridiculous curriculum that was sneakily attempted to pass into existence in Ontario schools, including Catholic schools, I offered up my prayers at Mass the other day for the intention of putting a stop to this stupidity. Enough parents voiced their opinion, and the Premier had to back down. Here is the follow up story from LifeSite news:

NTO, Ontario, April 22, 2010 ( – After intense criticism in recent days, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty announced this afternoon that he has decided to delay implementing the government's controversial and explicit new elementary sex ed curriculum.

"It's become pretty obvious to us that we need to give this a serious rethink,” he told reporters. He admitted that the changes in the new curriculum had been communicated poorly, and noted that parents were clearly distressed over it. The government must "find a policy and a curriculum that [parents are] comfortable with,” he said.

“The net we cast in terms of consulting was too narrow,” he added.

The curriculum, which is the first new version in the province since 1998, was quietly posted to the Ministry of Education's website in January, without a summary of the changes. It had been slated to be implemented in all Ontario schools by September.

The program as currently laid out sees sex ed begin in grade 1, with the naming of genitalia and other body parts. By grade 3, students were to learn about “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” and by grade 7 they would discuss oral and anal intercourse and learn about the use of condoms.

McGuinty strongly defended the program this week following criticism from a coalition of pro-family groups, even to the point of insisting Wednesday that it was mandatory for the province's publicly-funded Catholic schools.

The Catholic bishops of Ontario and at least one Catholic school board reacted strongly to that assertion. Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa called for “a firestorm of response” from Catholic parents, and the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario denied that Catholic schools would teach elements that violated Catholic teaching. Further, Jan Bentham of the Ottawa Catholic school board said the Premier “seems to be misinformed,” and that her school board would not implement the curriculum.

Jane Almeida, a spokesperson for McGuinty, told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that the Premier has decided to hold more consultations with parent groups, and that there is no timeline yet on when a new curriculum would be implemented. “He has said that he understands that parents of all faiths have expressed concerns over this, and that maybe they didn't have sufficient time to look at the information provided,” she told LSN.

Asked if Catholic stakeholders would be included in the renewed consultations, Almeida said, “I'm sure that they would be involved in those discussions.”

McGuinty still defended the need to revise the existing program, however. "I think we all prefer that if they're going to access that information, we take the opportunity to present it in a thoughtful, responsible way -- and in an age-appropriate way in our classrooms," he said, reports CTV.

The final result, said the Premier, "remains the subject of some debate and some concern, and we're going to take the time to get that right.”

Contact Information:

Dalton McGuinty, Premier
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1
Fax: (416) 325-3745
E-mail: Use this form.

Powerful Pro-Life Letter

I call shame on the University of Calgary for threatening these Pro-Life students with expulsion, please offer up some prayers of support today for all who defend life in the face of adversity. Also, it doesn't hurt to pray for those who are so locked in their own ignorance, pride, and arrogance that they can't see that they are only the pawns of the devil.

April 21, 2010 ( - What follows is the speech that Cameron Wilson, a student at the University of Calgary, gave to the media on Monday, April 19, 2010. He read it on behalf of the team of pro-life students who were charged with non-academic misconduct, with the possibility of expulsion, for displaying the Genocide Awareness Project on campus (Read more about this story here):

We of Campus Pro-Life have been told countless upon countless occasions that the Genocide Awareness Project, and the pictures contained therein, are offensive and hurtful to look at. But if an action is too terrible to look at, how then can it be tolerated? Why should we leave unchallenged and undebated a practice so horrific that words alone fail to describe it?

In the many times we have exhibited this display, we have opened up discussion on campus, a place where ignited and educated debate should always feel at home. Furthermore, we have watched and offered counsel to many men and women who have been hurt by abortion, and who have never openly confronted this pain. There is an immense capacity for healing inherent in this display, and that - in and of itself - makes this display, without a shadow of doubt worth the cost that the university seeks to exact from us individually.

We hold that the university campus is meant to be a place of frank discussion and debate. A place where viewpoints are judged by their merit rather than extinguished by the use of force based on their relative unpopularity. We of Campus Pro-Life have a long history with the University of Calgary documenting our commitment to the principle of freedom of speech which needs not be long expounded here.

We simply wish to deliver a message to the University of Calgary about their suppression of our freedoms which we but used to defend society’s weakest elements.

Our message to the University is this: do unto us whatever you desire, punish us however you wish; but our convictions shall not change, and we shall not alter our actions based on intimidation.

We shall not abandon the unborn child to be murdered.
We shall not desert the single mom in crisis.
We shall not allow the evil of abortion to remain unexposed.
We shall not be intimidated by the threat of force.
We shall not be scared by the threat of expulsion.
We shall not back down from the stand we have made.

If they are to punish us, then we are content to let history revile them for their suppression of liberty.
If they are to punish us, then let the blood of the unborn child be upon their heads.
If they are to punish us then let the pain of the suffering mom be upon their conscience.
History will not remember what illegitimate excuse they used, other than as a derogative footnote; but history will remember their transgression against freedom, and it is upon this that posterity shall judge them.
So let the university do whatever action their twisted worldview sees fit, for we fear not the judgment of tyranny.

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Calgary U Students Face Expulsion for Pro-Life Display

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sex Ed has gone too far.

I couldn't believe what I was reading as I opened up this story from LifeSite news. This shows how far moral corruption has gone in the bid to appease the powerful pro-death agenda. They are attacking our children's minds at an early age, and we must fight back. Take back control over what your children are taught, people! Don't let this happen!

Ontario Pro-Family Leaders Organize Rally against New Sex Ed Curriculum

By Patrick Craine

TORONTO, Ontario, April 20, 2010 ( - Leaders from various family-focused groups, together representing over 100,000 active members, are calling for Premier Dalton McGuinty to withdraw the new Ontario Sex Education Curriculum that is set to be implemented this September. The leaders are organizing Ontario parents to protest the new program by withdrawing their children from school on May 10th, the Monday after Mother’s Day, and joining a proposed rally at 12:00 noon in Toronto.

Dr. Charles McVety, President of Canada Christian College, stated that “it is unconscionable to teach 8 year-old children [about] same-sex marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity. It is even more absurd to subject 6th graders to instruction on the pleasures of masturbation [and] vaginal lubrication, and 12 year-olds to lessons on oral sex and anal intercourse.”

“Mr. McGuinty plans to teach our children sexually explicit material that he did not give to his own,” Dr. McVety continued. “The Premier is not acting in trust. He must stop this form of corruption.”

The new curriculum, replacing a previous version from 1998, aligns with the Ministry's campaign to promote “equity and inclusive education” in Ontario's schools, which includes the advancement of homosexualism and transgenderism. A notable aspect of the curriculum's revision is the attempt to instil a sense that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal.

Under the curriculum, students begin to explore “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in grade 3, as part of an expectation to appreciate “invisible differences” in others. In grade 5, a student is expected to recognize that “things I cannot control include ... personal characteristics such as ... my gender identity [and] sexual orientation.”

In addition to learning about masturbation in grade 6, the curriculum suggest that students can better understand “sexual orientation” by “reading books that describe various types of families and relationships,” including those involving two “mothers” or “fathers.” In grades 7 and 8, “preventing pregnancy and disease,” “gender identity,” and “sexual orientation” become “key topics.”

Grade 7s are expected to be taught about “using condoms consistently if and when a person becomes sexually active.” In grade 8, the use of contraception is a key component of the curriculum, and students are expected to “demonstrate an understanding of gender identity (e.g., male, female, two-spirited, transgendered, transsexual, intersex) and sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual).”

Brian Rushfeldt, Executive Director of the Canada Family Action Coalition said, “Ontario’s new sex education curriculum for 3rd – 7th graders is bordering on criminal. Canada prosecutes persons for corrupting minors with explicit sex. To cause confusion in a young child’s mind about being male or female is evil and teachers should refuse to present this onerous material.”

Rev. Ekron Malcolm, Director of the Institute for Canadian Values, stated, “I believe this is a form of controlling the minds and desires of our young children who should not have to think about sex at such a delicate age. This is just another form of exploitation through so-called 'inclusive education.'”

The location of the May 10th rally will be announced here.

Parents are asked to sign a petition here.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fr. Corapi Quiz

From my email inbox:

Turning the Tide of Evil

An excerpt from Father's latest book, "Letters."

One of the first things I became acutely aware of as I began ministering as a priest was that the vast majority of Catholics have never really learned their faith. For years I administered a simple test at the end of parish missions. The average grade, achieved by adults, was 43%. This failure translates into the ills and evils seen today in contemporary society. Why? For the simple reason that Catholic-Christians are called to be the salt and light of the world. When we fail to do so the world sinks under the weight of its sins. If we do not provide the moral compass to guide the world through dark and turbulent times, no one will.

Learning our faith is a moral mandate. It is not optional. We do it and please God, or we don't do it and don't please God. It isn't rocket science and it doesn't take that great a commitment in time and energy. To fail to do it is to fail in our mission, which is the same as the mission of the Redeemer - Redemption.

There is no opposition between learning and loving. If I love God and my neighbor as myself out of love for God (Charity) then I'll want to know God (Truth). Our ignorance of basic moral and doctrinal teaching is ultimately harmful to ourselves, our families, our Church, our society and our world.

We should make a commitment to study our faith at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week - or some comparable program. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which will in turn help you to understand your reading of Sacred Scripture. You should be able to answer the basic moral questions of the day, as well as give simple explanations for the Church's basic doctrinal teaching.

Give yourself this interactive test, which is not an advanced examination, but a very basic one. Any child preparing for Confirmation should be able to earn a grade of at least 80%. Take the exam. Take the exam honestly without looking up the answers, then take appropriate steps to advance in your faith. Click here for the answer key.

Basic Quiz: Level 1

1. Name the sacraments of initiation:

a. Holy Orders, Baptism, Anointing of sick
b. Baptism, Matrimony, Eucharist, Confirmation
c. Penance (Confession), Baptism, Matrimony, Confirmation
d. Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation

2. Name the sacraments of healing:

a. Eucharist, Holy Orders, Matrimony
b. Holy Orders, Baptism, Matrimony, Confirmation
c. Penance, Anointing of the sick
d. Matrimony, Holy Orders

3. Name the sacraments of service:

a. Eucharist, Holy Orders, Matrimony
b. Penance, Anointing of sick, Baptism
c. Matrimony, Holy Orders
d. Confirmation, Baptism, Holy Orders

4. What are the three elements that would determine if a sin is mortal, as opposed to venial?

a. If it involves hurting an actual person, whether we know the person or not, whether we like the person, or not.
b. The sin is grave or serious in itself, knowledge that it is grave or serious matter, full consent of the will in the light of that knowledge.
c. The action or sin has serious consequences, knowledge of the seriousness, no mitigating or lessening circumstances exist.
d. Serious intentions, serious circumstances, serious consequences.

5. What does the word angel mean?

a. a purely spiritual creature
b. messenger
c. flight attendant
d. master of man/servant of God

6. What are the 3 critical and essential elements of Divine Revelation?

a. God's will, Sacred Scripture, The Church
b. God's intent, The Church, The Trinity
c. Sacred Scripture, Divine intent, the College of Cardinals
d. Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Magisterium

7. What is the Magisterium of the Church?

a. The College of Cardinals in their electoral capacity
b. The bishops united to the Pope as a teaching authority
c. The final court of appeals in Church law
d. The Pope's personal attendants

8. Which of the Ten Commandments specifically deal with truth and sins against truth?

a. The ninth and tenth Commandments
b. The first, second, and third Commandments
c. The fifth Commandment
d. The eighth Commandment

Is it necessary to confess every single mortal/serious sin when you go to Confession, or can you omit those you feel are irrelevant, or personally too embarrassing to confess?

a. Yes, all serious sins must be confessed in kind and number.
b. Yes, all serious or mortal sins must be confessed unless the priest tells you not to.
c. No, only those you are comfortable confessing need be confessed.
d. No, only those sins that actually hurt a person directly must be confessed.

10. How many Gospels are there in the New Testament currently in use in the Catholic Church?

a. 6
b. 4
c. 3
d. 26

You should be able to answer these questions easily and without research or a book A minimum grade of 80% would indicate that you're on the right track, but not there yet. 100% is what excellence is about. Make a commitment to learn your faith. Then live what you have learned with perfection. Then we'll be doing something to turn the tide of evil and make the world a better place.

God bless you,
Fr. John Corapi

Click here for the answer key.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More prayers for the Pope

From my email inbox:

On Monday, Pope Benedict celebrates the 5th anniversary of his election!

Please help give him the BEST gift ever -- 1 MILLION PRAYERS FROM THE UNITED STATES – by urging your family and friends to join you in the nationwide
Easter Prayer Campaign for PopeBenedict!

This prayer campaign has come just in time . . . the full throttle assault by the main stream media on the Holy Father is only getting worse.

No one is doing more than Pope Benedict to promote and protect our Catholic identity. And yet the Holy Father “is systematically attacked precisely for what he does, for what he says, for what he is,” as one writer put it.

It is clear at this point that the enemies of the Church, in trying to pull down Pope Benedict, are striking at the Church herself. It is our duty as Catholics to
stand by the Church and the Holy Father, no matter the cost.

You can help make the Holy Father’s 5th anniversary a date to remember... with a spiritual bouquet of 1,000,000 prayers!

We are almost there, with more than 850,000 prayers pledged in less than two weeks.

Please take a moment to forward this email to friends, put it on your blog, and post it on Facebook and Twitter. Call your family and friends and urge them to
stand with the Holy Father!

Just think of it: 1,000,000 prayers for Pope Benedict XVI.

Thank you for standing with our shepherd, Pope Benedict XVI, as this storm continues to rage.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle! And may God bless you and your family.

Yours in Christ,

The Cardinal Newman Society

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Divine Mercy Sunday

Tomorrow is Divine Mercy Sunday. I've been making the Divine Mercy novena, and also a rosary novena for our Pope. Please, remember to pray for our Church and our Pope tomorrow, for they are under attack from the media. We are close to our Lord now, in His suffering as the crowd jeered at Him, and reviled Him, struck Him, spat upon Him, ridiculed Him. Lord, give us the strength and grace we need in this present spiritual warfare.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


How often we are blind to the presence of Jesus. In our hearts, and in other people- can we truly say that we are aware of His Presence as we go about our daily life? I find that I have good intentions of remembering Jesus throughout the day, but I get distracted and have to take time out from everything to think of Him; to pray and open my heart to the inspiration of His divine love. I think the Liturgy of the Hours must be a big help to those who pray it. I try to pray the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin, but usually only manage Prime and Compline. I hope that even if I am not aware of His Presence, at least I can spend my days trying to do His Will, so that in the end, I will be blessed to be in His Presence for all eternity.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Wouldn't you like to go there someday? I know I would.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have Mercy on me, a sinner!