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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Immaculate Conception

It is fitting that I am reading the first volume of City of God, which deals with the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the following scene, the Angel Gabriel appears to Anne and announces to her that the time has come for her to conceive, Anne having been previously enlightened that she shall bear the Mother of the Messiah:
The humility, faith and the alms of Joachim and thyself have come before the throne of the Most High, and He now sends me, His angel, in order to give thee news full of joy for thy heart: His Majesty wishes, that thou be most fortunate and blessed. He chooses thee to be the mother of Her, who is to conceive and bring forth the Onlybegotten of the Father. Thou shalt bring forth a Daughter, who by Divine disposition shall be called Mary. She shall be blessed among women and full of the Holy Ghost. She shall be the cloud that shall drop the dew of Heaven for the refreshment of mortals (3 Kings 18, 44): and in Her shall be fulfilled the prophecies of thy ancestors. She shall be the portal of life and salvation for the sons of Adam.

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Michele said...

i would love to read the Mystical City of God. i told mom about the series a few years ago, and she bought the set. i hope Georgia lends me one of them! :) i love your new header! its really pretty!