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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Lady's Saturday and the feast of the Guardian angels

Today I finally get to start the 5 First Saturday devotion to Mary, who promised at Fatima to help at the hour of death with all the graces needed for salvation to those who on the first Saturdays of 5 consecutive months, confess, receive Holy Communion, recite 5 decades of the Rosary, and keep her company for 15 minutes while meditating on the 15 mysteries of the Rosary with the intention of making reparation to her.
What a blessing it is to me to be able to start this devotion on the Feast of the Guardian Angels. My angel has been a great help to me in my spiritual life; if you want to read a really good post about their role in our life, head on over to Smiley's blog, Deis Irae -he did a great post on this. I believe my Guardian Angel was instrumental in bringing me back to my Catholic faith and has since helped to provide me with opportunities and inspiration to do the things God requires of me.

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paramedicgirl said...

That is a really beatiful picture of Mary. It is like she is standing in front of the Monstrance, with the rays of God's Glory emanating from within her.