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Monday, September 13, 2010

Remembering family

Mom would have been 80 years old today, none of her family lived to be 80; she came the closest. In her honour, I am having Mass said today for the deceased members of my family. I thought I'd share some photos from her life.

This is mom and my sister Sharron, who died at the age of 16.

Mom, holding my sister Georgia, in the back row are her sisters Pat and Lora, and sister in law Ruth. In the front row are me, my brothers Tony and Joe, and Sharron. Georgia, myself, and Tony are the only ones left now.

Aunt Pat, mom, and aunt Zelda. May they all rest in peace.


Mum2eight said...

prayers for your mother especially today.

My father would have turned 75 in a week if he hadn't died last November.

Mum2eight said...

Oh and I need to add, my sister would have turned 46 today if she hadn't died 43 years ago. She drowned when she was three. I will ask her to intercede for your mother too.

paramedicgirl said...

Shirley, I also did a post on MOm today. You kow, we both start by saying how Mom wanted to turn eighty. I think she knew she wouldn't.

Michele said...

mom also wanted to be with Jesus and especially the Holy Virgin. she told me that many times over the years. i also have the same desire as she did. perhaps one day, when Christ wills it, i will be with mom also. then it will be my turn to intercede for others.

kam said...

Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing. k