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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Devotion to your Guardian Angel

In a Catholic newspaper that I recently bought, I found an interesting article on our Guardian Angels. I have been looking for a way to increase my devotion to my Angel, for I am truly thankful for his assistance in my life. This was written by Rev. Fr. Pius, C.P.

Choose one day of each month to honour your own good Angel Guardian; receive Holy Communion in his honour on that day, and having employed at least one quarter of an hour after Communion in thanksgiving, reflect upon the great goodness of God, Whom you possess within you, Who, knowing your weaknesses and the danger to which you are exposed both in soul and body, and the difficulty you have in defending yourself against your enemies, has appointed over you one of His Angels, who are the princes of His Heavenly Court, and has given him orders to assist and defend you, and never to leave you as long as your soul dwells in your body. Return His Divine Majesty most humble thanks for so great a favour, and admire the value He sets on your soul since He thus employs an angel in your service. Then with much piety address yourself to your own dear Angel Guardian. Thank him for accepting the charge of you, and since on his part he promises you four things and faithfully performs them, do you be as faithful in your performance as he is in his.

1. He promises never to abandon you.
2. To cherish and love you as a child of God, bought with His Precious Blood, and designed for the same glory he enjoys.
3. To guard both your body and soul, and to procure what is best for both.
4. To continue his care of you at all times and places till your soul is separated from your body.

On your part promise him also four things, and beg his assistance in performing them.

1. A great reverence for him, and neither to think, say, or do anything deliberately that may displease him.
2. A tender devotion to him, loving him as your brother and best of friends, and endeavoring to increase his accidental joy in heaven by the holiness of your life on earth.
3. A great confidence in his protection over you, and to have recourse to him as a child goes to the arms of its mother, in all difficulties, imploring his help frequently.
4. To persevere in all these duties till your last breath.

This contract being made between your good Angel and you, beg our dear Lord, Whom you have received, to bestow His benediction upon it. Then retire in company of your most faithful Angel, and from time to time entertain yourself with him during the rest of the day. Sometimes thank him for all the good services he has done you from the day of your birth, when he first began to take care of you, till this present moment, reflecting on the chief ones, and next to God, attributing them to him.
Sometimes ask his pardon for having passed so many years of your life without thinking of him, and having so often saddened him by your imperfections, and for so seldom having recourse to him in your necessities, or thanking him for his benefits.
At other times open your heart to him, declaring openly your wants and begging him to solicit God on your behalf. Ask him to give you light in your doubts, help in dangers, comfort in your afflictions, victory over your enemies, and his particular assistance at the hour of your death.
Moreover during the day, address yourself to him by aspirations; and if time will permit, perform some devotion in his honour, or say his Office, Litanies, or some colloquies or other prayers, etc.


paramedicgirl said...

That is a really good article! Thanks for publishing it here.

Michael said...

Thank you for this! I found it very informative and useful.
God Bless!

breadgirl said...

Hi Shirley
This is an excellent post. I think we tend to take our Guardian Angels for granted and hardly give them a thought. I must admit that, apart from the Guardian Angel prayer that my mother taught us as children and which I still say every morning, I don't think about my angel at all. That really is shameful and your post has given me much food for thought. Thanks, Shirley, and God bless you.