Life is a journey; the choices you make now will determine your eternal destination.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Journey Continued

Whenever something troubles me, or my conscience, I can usually find the advice and spiritual guidance I need in " The Imitation of Christ". If you don't have a copy of this pocket sized book, I highly recommend it. This passage hit home; I had been thinking about how easily swayed I am with the opinions and actions of people.
Oh, how good and how peaceful it is to be silent about others, not to believe without discrimination all that is said, not easily to report it further, to reveal oneself to few, always to seek You as the discerner of hearts, and not to be blown away by every wind of words, but to wish that all things, within and beyond us, be done according to the pleasure of Thy will.

How conducive it is for the keeping of heavenly grace to fly the gaze of men, not to seek abroad things which seem to cause admiration, but to follow with utmost diligence those which give fervor and amendment of life! How many have been harmed by having their virtue known and praised too hastily! And how truly profitable it has been when grace remained hidden during this frail life, which is all temptation and warfare!


Kromagg73 said...

I enjoyed reading your post, it was very interesting. I will continue to check out your blog as I like inspirational blogs.

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Michele said...

iam not easily swayed. but, thinking of my journey in the faith, its been exceptionally hard. God has sent me trial after trial after trial, and i honestly would have caved in and ran with my tail between my legs if He hadn't have given me strength. i honestly wonder how one woman can have so many trials and survive it with their sanity intact. i really do wonder.

paramedicgirl said...

My booked is packed away already, I will find it in August when we finish moving. I really need to get back in the habit of daily spiritual reading. Imitation of Christ is great for that.