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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Samuel update

Perhaps this baby is losing his battle for life, but our prayers can only benefit him and his family. Fr. Hardon, please intercede for this baby, and may God's Will be done.

Samuel's mother, Kathlene, who fortunately is a nurse, wrote to my daughter that after 2 rounds of chemo little Samuel Joseph, now 2 months old, is losing movement in his extremities and also losing the strength to nurse. It is difficult to move him without causing him pain even though he is on strong pain medication. All this indicates that the tumor must be growing. He is at home. Kathlene said that the knowledge that so many people are praying for him and for them is what is getting them through this.

Please continue your prayers for a miracle through the intercession of Fr. Hardon, as this is where there is still great hope that the baby will be cured. May God's Will be done, which is all that the parents desire.

God bless,
Margie Mackey


breadgirl said...

Hello Shirley
Thanks for this post. It must be so very difficult for this little baby's parents and family. I will certainly pray for the little child and for all who love him. May God bless them all and may God bless you too for bringing us to pray for them.

Tom in Vegas said...

Very, VERY sad to hear of this news.

Michele said...

i pray for God's will to be done nomatter what God decides. if God decides the little one goes to heaven. he will rest in the arms of Jesus. if he is cured, the little one will know someday that God has cured him, and how many prayers were said for him.