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Saturday, May 8, 2010


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother's Day weekend; and just as a reminder that not all women who become mothers (for I believe that you are a mother from the moment of conception) choose to allow their children to be born, to live, love, laugh and cry, grow up to love God and give Him the glory that is His due, please read this story about an abortion facility, and redouble your prayers to end this savagery; and to put behind bars all those who call themselves Doctors who delight in the killing of the Innocents.
All children deserve to know a Mother, and not to be used as experiments for some deranged psychopath. I hope every woman who is considering an abortion, will think of more than just her own selfish needs, and consider the gift of life that God has given her.

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Tom in Vegas said...

He makes Nazis look like kittens. Butcher.