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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How much longer can this go on?

This guy is starting to seriously piss me off. If he keeps denying Christ, he might just get what he gives and it will be a sad day for the USA.

Obamas Wanted a Non-Religious Christmas: White House Social Secretary

By James Tillman

WASHINGTON, DC, December 7, 2009 ( -- The Obamas were planning a "non-religious Christmas" and intended not to put the traditional White House créche scene on display.

White House Social Secretary Desirée Rogers reportedly told a meeting of former secretaries that the Obamas did not intend to put the manger scene on display - a suggestion that was greeted by an "audible gasp" from her audience. The White House confirmed that there had been discussion regarding whether to make Christmas more "inclusive."

Despite such discussions, the White House eventually bowed to tradition, reports the NY Times; the creche scene is now on display.

In an email to Fox News' Todd Starnes regarding the issue, the First Lady's office quoted a speech given by President Obama at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. The President's remarks emphasized that Christmas has a lesson for all, not merely Christians, and that it represents, "a tradition that we celebrate as a country - a tradition that has come to represent more than any one holiday or religion."

Catholic League President Bill Donohue said that it should be no surprise that President Obama and "his wife would like to neuter Christmas in the White House."

He continued: "That's their natural step - to ban the public display of Christian symbols. Have any doubts? Last April, Georgetown University was ordered to put a drape over the name of Jesus as a condition of the president speaking there."

"It is the business of the public to hold [the Obamas] accountable for the way they celebrate Christmas in the White House. We know one thing for sure: no other administration ever entertained internal discussions on whether to display a nativity scene in the White House."

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Marilena said...

well, not everyone wants to celebrate Christmas traditionally. look at the jw's shirley, they not only do not celebrate Christmas, but they deny the Trinity. they also claim that Jesus did not raise Himself up from the dead even though it is clearly written in scripture that He did. so not only is obama whacked, but so are jw's.

Tom in Vegas said...


What do you expect from this individual? He is completely devoid of ANY Christian content and wants to appease just about anybody outside the Christian faith. Any claims he makes about believing in God are purely an extention of his political beliefs and subject to negotiations.

Gina said...

"How much longer can this go on?" If we don't wise up and vote him out in 2012, it will go on until 2016.

breadgirl said...

Wow! I didn't realize that the president and family were like that. You ask 'How long can this go on?' Well, for what it is worth, my opinion is that it will go on as long as we allow it to go on. As long as we say'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Happy CHRISTMAS'. As long as we are too timid to stand up for our Christian traditions and beliefs. It is up to us! Thanks for a good blog. I have only just found you, but I think I will stick with you . God bless you.

breadgirl said...

Hi Shirley
It's me again. I just thought I'd tell you what some friends & I did several Christmases ago. A government minister publicly stated that she would not send Christmas cards that year and said neither should anyone else because they could be offensive to others. Well that got us going and we sent her Christmas cards with Nativity scenes on them and put Christian Christmas stickers on the outside of her envelope and on all envelopes that we sent that Christmas. We don't send her cards anymore but we have continued each Christmas since to put stickers on the outside of envelopes containing our Christmas cards to all our friends and relatives. These stickers, some homemade, say things like 'KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS', 'CHRISTMAS BEGINS WITH CHRIST', 'JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON', ETC. We just want to remind our families & friends that it is the BIRTH OF CHRIST WE ARE CELEBRATING AND THAT IS CALLED CHRISTMAS! Some of my family live in Canada & they tell me that it is difficult to get cards that even mention 'Christmas'. Well, my answer to that is, unless they actually say 'Christmas' don't buy them! If enough people leave them on the shelves, eventually manufacturers will get the message. Neither do I buy cards unless they have pictures that depict the real meaning of Christmas, i. e. ones with Nativity scenes on them.

Convenor said...

It would be very kind if you could let your readers know about the latest issue of our journal 'CHRISTVS REGNAT' ( and about our blog ( to which you're very welcome to link/follow/add to your blogroll.

God bless you!

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Michael said...

It is so sad. Plus, by trying to be so "inclusive" they are excluding the Reason for the season anyway. I get so angry - but then I stop and say a prayer that he and the first family have a change of heart.

Anything is possible through prayer.

God bless you.