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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For our soldiers and their families

I first heard this song at a Christmas Concert in Turner Valley, Alberta, performed by pastor Paul Rumbolt, and it silenced the noisy, drinking crowd; there was not a dry eye in the place when he was done. This video is performed by the man who wrote it, John McCutcheon. I send this out to all the families who have sons and daughters who are serving their country, far away from home, and for all the soldiers who won't be home for Christmas.

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breadgirl said...

This is really beautiful, so sad yet lovely. Thank you for posting it. Have you seen the movie "Joyeux Noel"? That is about the Christmas Truce and it too is sad and beautiful. We have it on DVD and it has become a Christmas custom in our house to watch it during the Christmas period, usually on Christmas night. You would enjoy it, I am sure. While I am here, I will take the opportunity to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and many blessings in 2010.