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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord......

It was a month ago today that my mother passed away. This picture was taken on her 79th birthday, just 2 months before her death. We had just come from Mass, and the flowers she is holding had been placed at the Tabernacle during Mass. I would like to share with you something she wrote on Nov. 1st, a week and a half before she entered into eternal rest; this is from her daily journal:

"I love having a happy heart. When I have a miserable day, I can still pray for a happy heart. When I am having a good day, I enjoy it with a happy heart. Whether my day is good, or whether it is miserable, I can still have a happy heart."

I love you and miss you, mom.


Marilena said...

mom always did suffer her illness in grace. she offered it up to Jesus everytime. if i were even half as graceful as mom, well then my suffering might not seem so intense.
yes, i do offer it up to Jesus. all of it. when she felt absolutely rotten she would phone me and tell me positive things, even when i told her how agonizing my pain is. she told me, to say the Rosary, pray for a cure. what was one of the really remarkable things about mom was is that she loved to talk to me about God, and she always told me at the end of the call, God bless you, God bless you, God bless you, and she always talked about the Holy Virgin. mom really loved our Lady of Lourdes.
i told mom one time on the phone, that at joe's funeral i had promised him i would be with him soon. she told me that it might not be for a while, but yes i would be. indeed. when Jesus decides it. mother's love for the faith truly inspires me. her endless hours in prayer and phoning me daily, and her conversations with me about how to cook stew and make bread wont be forgotten. :) she watches out over me now everyday. i can feel her loving kindness to me all the time. i feel like she protects me.
mother is my heart, and she always will be until i see her again on the shores of eternity.

breadgirl said...

What an inspirational mother you had. She had a beautiful mind and her deep faith is evident. You were truly blessed to have such a mother. May her dear soul rest in peace. Thank you for sharing this post.

I have also looked into the FSSP Site and will continue to do so. Thanks for the lead on that. God bless you.

Tom in Vegas said...

A saint.

Your mom reminds me of my grandmother.

Michael said...

Thank you for sharing this. It's an honor to read some of her advice.

God bless you.

John Michael said...

What a beautiful mother! Thank you so much for sharing. It was blessing reading about her. There is such a since of peace surrounding her.

Our prayers for your mom and family, as well as many request for her intercession.