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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Old Rugged Cross

My husband did something very special for me today. First - a little family history. In the 1930's my mother's family homesteaded over 50 acres on the Slocan River, where they raised mom and her brothers and sisters. Over the years everyone moved away, and the property, called "The Old Ranch"was, on the death of my grandparents, inherited by all the siblings. It went delinquent in land taxes, and my mom ended up buying it from the surviving family members in the 1970's. She lived on it for the last few years of her life- I think she was over 70 when she moved out there. Now, this property has no electricity, running water, or dwellings. She lived in camper trailers, with propane heat and kerosene lanterns. Mom didn't drive, so one of my sisters and one of my brothers, God bless them, looked after her every need.
There are the remnants of two old hand-hewn cabins there that mom lived in as a child. One of them is almost on the edge of the river bank now, as the flooding river eats away a little of the land every spring. After mom died, the Old Ranch was put up for sale, so some of the men went out to do some clean up. While they were there, Ted gathered bits of wood from the old cabins, mostly the cedar chinking.
This is what my thoughtful, caring husband had in mind:
He wanted to make an old rugged Cross for me, as a momento of my family history, and my family's faith that my mother loved so much. He even included a nail that came from the cabin, and made it so that there are no fresh-cut ends.

It is now hanging on the wall in my office, a reminder of my mother, and also a reminder of my beloved husband. I hope to find a Corpus to fit it, and have it blessed.


Tom in Vegas said...

I'm not sure how long you have been married, but I think you and the hubby should celebrate your 65th wedding anniversary early. You have such a wonderful relationship that I have NO DOUBT that you will make together if not that far, then certainly further:0)

The cross he made for you is imbued with great meaning. I hope you find a Corpus Christi that goes well with it.

Aussie Therese said...

what a thoughtful and wonderful gift Shirley.

saintos said...

Just beautiful, the cross, the relationships. Wonderful.

I should note that today is the first of my family's 30 days of pray for souls in Purgatory. We would welcome praying for anyone you wish to add by visiting

allhorsestuff said...

Awesome rugged cross...he is soo specila to make that for you!
Jesus be praised and thanked for all He has done!

Michael said...

What a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Marilena said...

very sweet of him! thanks ted!

SLEAK said...

Such a beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing!