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Thursday, November 26, 2009

More from The Life of Christ

There is part of a chapter in The Life of Christ which really reminded me of the New Age movement and love of spirituality for its own sake; its denial of the need for "organised" religion, as though religion is a free-form art.
Bishop Sheen writes:
Holiness must have a philosophical and theological foundation, namely, Divine Truth; otherwise it is sentimentality and emotionalism. Many would say later on, "We want religion, but no creeds". This is like saying we want healing, but no science of medicine; music, but no rules of music; history, but no documents. Religion is indeed a life, but it grows out of truth, not away from it. It has been said it makes no difference what you believe; it all depends on how you act. This is psychological nonsense, for a man acts out of his beliefs.
To those who are not Catholic and don't understand Apostolic succession , there is a chapter on The Divine Mandate, chapter 58 which is too lengthy to include here, but which clearly examines the mission Christ gave to the Apostles, with references to Matthew 28:19,20.
I have finished reading this book now, so I will give you one more glimpse into it with these quotes:

When evil is revealed in the light, it does not always repent; sometimes it becomes more evil.

As life must be nourished, defended and preserved, so freedom must be repurchased in each generation.

Peace is in the soul, and comes from union with Him, though the body may feel pain.

And yet, knowing all, the Son of God made Peter and not John, the Rock upon which He built His Church that sinners and the weak might not despair.

Broadmindedness, when it means indifference to right and wrong, ends in a hatred of what is right.

Religion is not to be given to everyone, but only to those who are "of the truth". Matthew 7:6

It is the failure of those within that provides opportunities for enemies who are still without. The enemies will do the bloody work of the Crucifixion, but those who have had the faith and lost it and who are anxious to salve their conscience by destroying the root of morality commit the greater evil.

The fruits of sin never compensate for the loss of grace.

When a democracy loses its moral sense, it can vote itself right out of democracy.

Suffering does not necessarily make men better; it can sear and burn the soul, unless men are purified by seeing its redemptive value.

The soul that despairs never cries to God.

What the Resurrection offered was not immunity from evil in the physical worldd, but immunity from sin in the soul.

......there is never the Cross without the Resurrection.

I highly reccomend this book; it should be available at your local library. Any time one spends time contemplating the life of Christ, it can only serve to bring you closer to Him.

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Michael said...

Thank you for sharing these. I really liked that last one. I think people forget sometimes that the cross itself was a horrific torture device. It is the Resurrection that made it so beautiful. God Bless you.