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Monday, November 2, 2009

For the Holy Souls

Perhaps it's a little late in the day for an All Souls Day post, but because of my devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory, I have something to share with you. To all those who got to attend a traditional requiem Mass today, bless you; wish I could have too!


Tom in Vegas said...

Imagine this:

You are inside a monastery, perhaps during Vespers. It's late in the autumn day and the sun has sunk below the horizon. The abbey is dark, except for a few candles burning on the altar, and at other places inside the Church. The monks sit across from one another with their hoods covering their heads, chanting their ageless rhymes.

When I listen to Gregorian Chant, that is the imagery that I see.

Marilena said...

its opposite for me. i imagine the traditonal carmelites where saint therese was. how beautiful it must be there.

John Michael said...

Little Gianna is loving it.

Did you know that traditionally priests would offer 3 masses for the Holy Souls on All Souls Day?
I didn't know until I looked at my wife's missal.

Shirley said...

JM, at the parish my sister at Salve Regina attends, they had 6 Masses. 6!