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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Honouring St. Joseph

I have chosen to do my 300th post on St. Joseph, to help increase devotion to him, and to give him the honour that is his due as the Spouse of the Virgin, Foster-father of Jesus, and role model for all who seek to do God's Will.
From the book by Gorman, Life with Joseph: As St. Peter Julian Eymard pointed out: "Devotion to St. Joseph is one of the choicest graces that God can give to a soul, for it is tantamount to revealing the entire treasury of Our Lord's graces. When God wishes to raise a soul to greater heights, He unites it to St. Joseph by giving it a strong love for the good Saint."
Four fundamental virtues of St. Joseph should be applied to our own spiritual life:
1. Fidelity to grace- doing the Father's Will as perfectly as possible; keeping all God's laws.
2. Fidelity to the interior life- constant awareness of the Presence of God dwelling within the soul; striving to know, love and serve God.
3. Devotion to Mary- commitment to Mary leads Her to obtain in return an abundance of the choicest graces and favours for her devotees.
4. Devotion to Jesus- union with, love for, and total commitment to Christ.

Consider the things we know about this great Saint. First, there is no record of him saying anything in the Bible; just silently he goes about doing what God asks of him through the Angels. Therefore we can invoke him to help us in our interior life, that we may follow his example and unhesitatingly do the Will of God, even though it may mean hardship, as it did for Joseph on the flight to Egypt. We know that he lived with Jesus and Mary, and so must have been filled with great graces, moreso than any other human that ever lived. And, as the head of the Holy Family, Jesus obeyed him, we know that Jesus will still listen to him and grant his wishes in Heaven, moreso than any other Saint except the Blessed Virgin. So we can turn to him with confidence, and ask his intercession , in all our temporal matters, as he looked after the temporal well being of his Divine Child and holy Spouse, and in our spiritual needs as well, for he is an excellent example of one who conforms to the Will of God, the foundation for all spiritual well being.
As the Bible says; "Go to Joseph!"

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Michael said...

What a perfect way to spend you 300th post (And congrats for reaching that milestone!)

Thanks for the post - and the lessons we can take from St. Joseph.

God Bless.