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Friday, September 4, 2009

Old Wine

This week we are fortunate to have a priest from the FSSP offering daily Mass here aside from the daily Mass also offered by our parish priest. I can't attend all of them as they are in the afternoon when I am working, but I went Tuesday, and am going tomorrow morning, Sunday, and Monday. I am rather disappointed in the attitude of our parish priest about this. He wouldn't let it be advertised in the bulletin last week, calling it a private Mass- which it isn't; anyone can come. Really, they advertise funeral Masses, which are private Masses, so why not the Tridentine Mass? Sour grapes, perhaps?
Today's sermon definitely bothered me. Let me start by saying that this is not intended to be a criticism of our local priest, but is a reflection on the way things have gotten out of hand when it comes to respecting the traditional ways of the Church- or should I say, the lack of respect. Fathers commentary on the Gospel reading, in which Jesus talked about not putting new wine in old wineskins, and feasting when you are with the bridegroom instead of fasting, was interpreted as Catholics needing to embrace change, and not hang on to the old ways; that change is always with us. He totally ignored the last line in the Gospel reading where Jesus says that after tasting the old wine, one would not want the new.
For me, after having been blessed with just one Tridentine Mass, and a low Mass at that, the Mass I attended today (Novus Ordo) was rather like new wine compared to the richness of the old wine of the Tridentine Mass.
Fill my wineskin with old wine, please.


Marilena said...

well, next time you drive by my place, you can go to the High Mass:D

paramedicgirl said...

Oh, it does sound like your NO priest is not appreciative of the traditional Mass. Pray for him, that his heart will be changed. Offer some of your Communions for him, and God will soften his heart.