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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mother of Mercy

When my Evangelical sister commented to me a while ago that she prays to Jesus only, and that Catholics have to pray to Mary, as if that was a silly and lowly thing to do, it kinda got my dander up that she couldn't understand the great benefits of praying to Mary. So I found this paragraph in The Glories of Mary, by the great St. Alphonsus Ligouri, who explains things much better than I'll ever be able to.
"....we more easily find salvation by having recourse to the Mother than by going to the Son- not as if Mary was more powerful than her Son to save us, for we know that Jesus Christ is our only Saviour, and that He alone by His merits has obtained and obtains salvation for us;but it is for this reason:that when we have recourse to Jesus, we consider Him at the same time as our judge, to whom it belongs also to chastise ungrateful souls and therefore the confidence necessary to be heard may fail us; but when we go to Mary, who has no other office than to compassionate us as Mother of Mercy and to defend us as our advocate, our confidence is more easily established and is often greater. "
How often little children turn to their mother when they have done something wrong, rather than going at once to their father; for they know that their mother's love will deflect the wrath of the father, just as Mary can present out pleas to her Son and present us to Him as her loving children, as long as we have confidence in her and a good intention of amending our ways.
We must remember also that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one God, and although Jesus is our Saviour, full of mercy, love, and compassion for our sorry selves, He is also our just judge and sees our innermost thoughts and desires. Surely He can see our attachment to sin, even the little venial ones. An examination of conscience will reveal to us our sins, and it is a humbling thought that we must stand before Him on judgement day, all the imperfections of our soul exposed, and how consoling it is to know that we may ask the Blessed Virgin to shelter us beneath her mantle, to say to Jesus, "I love this soul, who loved me, and had recourse to me". We can be sure that Jesus will listen to the pleas of his Mother, and be merciful to us for her sake.

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Marilena said...

it pleases our Lord when we pray to the Holy Virgin. evangelicals always think that we pray only to Mary. we don't. We pray mainly to our Lord, and yes, we should pray to Mary. She can help us and intercede on our behalf before God, and her Son. same as them thinking we worship her. we don't, we venerate her. worship belongs solely to God.