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Saturday, August 8, 2009

On Devotion to Mary

One of my sisters , who was raised as a Catholic and has become a Christian who has accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour, made a statement to me recently, that Christians (as she calls her self) go directly to Jesus in prayer, and that Catholics have to pray to Mary and the saints. I gently corrected her by saying that we don't have to go to them, that we also go directly to our Lord in prayer, but we choose to pray to them also. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to elaborate over the phone, about the richness of the spiritual treasury of praying to Mary and the saints.
I have been praying to St. Joseph and to Jesus to increase my devotion to Mary for a couple of years now, and have found numerous spiritual writings that have helped me on my journey, the latest being a little book called "Saints who saw Mary" . Reading their stories brings to light the depth of Our Lady's love for us, her spiritual children. One of the stories is that of St. Mechtilde, in which she asks Our Lord how to greet the Blessed Virgin. Amongst other things, Jesus said to her, "hail her virginal her continuous prayers by which, through her merits, she obtains for human beings all the graces which are given to them."
It rather saddens me to think of all the Christians in the world, Protestants and Catholics alike, who don't avail themselves of the spiritual treasury of Mary and the saints. Think of it this way: Your voice can be heard by Jesus, as a trickling stream of prayer, but when your voice is added to that of Mary and the saints, it becomes a raging torrent that storms heaven.
Our Lord, who was ever obedient to his Mother on earth, surely listens to her in Heaven and will not deny her requests, which are always in perfect union with the Will of God.
Jesus gave Our Lady to us on the Cross when he said "Behold your Mother!" To all those who take Scripture literally only, this should be clear that we, as her children can turn to her for help, for guidance, and that she will love us and help us.
Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.


John Michael said...

By going through Mary, are we not following Jesus' lead? Did he not come to us through Mary.

So, isn't it scriptural to go through Mary to get to Jesus. Afterall, her soul does magnify the Lord.


Gabriella said...

Beautiful post.
Oh yes, Our Lord will never say 'no' to a request that comes from His mother :)

paramedicgirl said...

Very beautifully written, Shirley!