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Monday, August 24, 2009

The new Roman Missal changes

Here is a link to some of the changes to come in the new Roman Missal. It is a return to traditional responses, for which I am grateful. Anything which helps us to focus on our Lord rather than ourselves during Mass is a blessing. I'm using most of these responses already, but it'll probably take some time before the Sunday crowd get the hang of it. I'd sure like to see some changes made in instructions for the music ministry; a return to performing and preserving the old sacred hymns. Most young people haven't heard the majority of them so it would seem new to them. Also would like to have the choirs at the back of the church again. Our church has an unused choir loft; how beautiful it would be to have hymns that praise God soaring above us during Mass, instead of songs about us as God's people, in our face at the front of the church. Oh well, one thing at a time, I guess.


Gina said...

What you say here about the choir loft...I am in complete agreement. I hate being on display in the front of the Church, even as a cantor standing at the podium (to be distinguished from the psalmist at the Ambo, who is declaring the word, and thus must be in front of the congregation). I'm sure some might like the attention, but folks, there's no room for grandstanding before the Lord when participating in Divine Worship.

Leading without being seen is a beautiful act of humility, counting him/herself as part of the congregation coming to the Table.

But it's not just for these obvious reasons.

Practically its a bad idea to have any musicians up front. How can you go through your music, fix broken strings, retune instruments, take a swig of water to alleviate the dry throat, announce on-the-fly changes (like cutting/adding verses or hymns) when you're on display in front of everyone? It's a terrible distraction.

Marilena said...

im delighted the church is returning to traditional ways. if it slowly weeded out the NO and returned to the Latin Mass only, people would eventually get used to it. but as you said, one thing at a time.

paramedicgirl said...

Leading without being seen is a beautiful act of humility

Well said, Gina. Humility is beautiful to God, while pride is dispicable.

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks for posting that link. I must confess, I have become so spoiled by the beauty and availability of the Latin Mass, that I seldom think about the Novus Ordo Mass anymore.

These changes are good. I do hope that priests will implement them and not cow-tow to the liturgists who say, "Oh, Father, let's not change anything. That would just be too confusing for everyone!"

guimond said...

Revisions in the New Roman Missal are long overdue. Subsequent to Vatican II, American bishops exercised little restraint in changing the Mass to the vernacular. Incidentally, Vatican II did not mandate a complete removal of Latin from the Mass. As a result, we now participate in a service that is more akin to a community event, rather than a solumn Sacrifice, as originally intended. With regard to music, it is deplorable that traditional, Catholic songs have largely been replaced by music of Protestant origin. While on the topic of music, why do we need a disctacting extravaganza taking place beside the altar? The choir belongs in the choir loft, if such a thing exists in our stark, newer auditorium style churches.

And one more thing - what happened to our traditional devotions to the Blessed Mother, particularly during the month of May, when we should be bringing flowers and praising her with song. Does anybody remember "O Sanctisima"?

Let's return to our traditional, solemn sacrifice of the Mass.