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Friday, July 3, 2009

What a day!

What a horrendous day today was! First of all, the best part of the day was going to Adoration and Mass, and then spending some time with my mares. But coming home, I was almost T-boned by a semi, which I wrote about on my horse blog, and then I almost caused accident when I went to turn left and didn't see a lady coming down the hill; and went to turn right a block later only to find that someone had snuck up beside me to also turn right. ( I apologised to both drivers!) Then I got to work, thinking things would be okay, only to turn a tap on and forget about it resulting in a flood in the kitchen which I had to mop up. Then when I locked up at the end of the day, I had walked out with the calculator in my hand, and forgot my purse inside! So I had to shut the alarm off and go in and get sorted out; I tell ya, if it could go wrong today, it did!
I'm sure God must really love me, because he did a good job of humbling me today, and I spent a lot of time asking for His mercy and thanking Him, too, for humbling me. I was almost in tears after the third near-miss; I think though, that all these things were for me to offer up; and to remind me that I can do nothing without Him.
I have a task for all my readers; it is this:
Leave a comment about one way in which women can change the world.
I'll do my next post on that........


Aussie Therese said...

as the Americans say

"One diaper at a time"!!!!

paramedicgirl said...

Shirley, I have something that will cheer you up! You have an award (actually two) over at my blog.

paramedicgirl said...

As far a women who have changed the world, the first and gretest example is teh Blessed Virgin Mary.

However, society is much more influenced by those women of a more dubious and evil nature. Like Margaret Sanger. She singlehandedly did more damage to the world than any other woman, except possibly Gloria Steinem.

Brian said...

Vewry nice blog - obviously you love Blessed Mother Teresa as I do.
God bless you!

I do not know much about horses as I grew up near a parking lot with a parking meter out my window - But I do love horses.

Shirley said...

PG, what I meant was to think up a way that women can change things for the better; I'll post my thoughts tomorrow.
Brian, thanks for visiting my blog! Is that a photo of you with Mother Theresa on your profile?

Marilena said...

how can we change the world? boy, i have a lot of good answers for that.
a woman president, a woman prime minister, you name it! i think we would make better rulers than men because we care more than they do.
its a proven fact that women have and use more emotion than men. i also think there'd be less wars on earth if women ruled. more fairness and equality for women and womens rights. oh we can change the world, but i think we can do it better than men:D