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Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Hope

How often we hear the phrase, "Children are the hope of the future", but I would like to rephrase that: Do our children have any hope for the future? If the political trends continue on their present course, I have to think that the future is bleak for anyone who wants their children to inherit a moral, sane, loving, and caring society.
A case in point is the way it is considered a hate crime to disagree with homosexuality on a religious level, but to have to endure teachers blatantly denounce Catholics, in the classroom, using terms that when applied to any other group would have the teacher instantly reprimanded, is not considered to be anything other than freedom of speech. (Ask Paramedicgirl about that).
Not only is our freedom of religion severely curtailed, so is our ability to oversee the education of our children. Homeschooling is nearly the only way to keep them from the corruption of the school system. And for many families, that isn't feasible.
Then we have to face the laws that the culture of death is currently trying to enshrine: abortion on demand, euthanasia and all the horrors that will arise once that can of worms is opened: termination of life for the inconvenient elderly, mentally or physically handicapped children, patients suffering from debilitating illnesses- the list goes on and on.
Mother Teresa said it best in the quote I have on my sidebar: "if we accept that the mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?" I have long believed that the reason abortion is being forced on us as law is because if the politicians admit that the fetus is a living human, they cannot stop the legalization of any murder. And it is beginning with the sugar-coated euthanasia laws.
How can we combat this?
We have to start with ourselves, to discipline ourselves to not accept as normal all the evils that are creeping into our daily lives; to educate ourselves in our faith and to follow that up with educating our children. How many children do you see at Mass? And how many of them are attentive- or are they playing with toys; scowling and sulking; not wanting to be there? Have you taught your children to pray? I didn't teach my daughter, and I consider it to be the biggest failure of my life. We cannot expect our children to grow up to be loving, living examples of Christian morals and values if we do not ground them in the faith. Yes, I know it is human nature for youth to rebel (Thanks, Adam and Eve!) but if they have been taught properly from a very early age it is likely that those teachings will stay with them, at least subconsciously, and sometimes that is all it takes to turn them around.
The world we are leaving them is in a nasty mess right now, and likely to get worse over the next twenty years. I think we are close to rock bottom, where no life is held to be sacred. But rock bottom is only a place to turn around, and only One has the light to show us the Way.
On todays feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and world day of prayer for priests, I encourage you to pray for the future of our children and to pray for many of them to embrace a vocation to the religous life.


paramedicgirl said...

Homeschooling is severely regulated in Germany and England is following suit. But there is hope. In my school district, a parent is allowed one thousand dollars toward homeschooling costs, as long as it is not going towards the religion based part of the cirriculum. I used it for sports and arts last year; my textbooks were from Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, so they did not qualify for the rebate.

Both Miss California's have now publicly stated they believe in the traditional definition of marriage. India just refused the United Nations sex education program for their children, stating it promotes promiscuity and abortions. And Lithuania and now Poland are passing laws to protect their youth against the promotion of homosexuality.

And in Canada, the children of the minorities believe that white people are being discriminated against when their own culture refuses to allow them to hang out with their white school friends.

There is hope.

paramedicgirl said...

shirley, I love that "Visit the Prisoner" picture you ahve on your sidebar! I never noticed it before. I just may borrow it!