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Monday, June 29, 2009

Childhood memories

One of the things I enjoy about having moved back to the West Kootenays is that I now live closer to my family and the area where I spent my childhood. Yesterday my sister and myself and our husbands attended Mass at the church we attended as children, the Sacred Heart Church in Proctor. There have been some changes, but it's basically the way I remember it back in the day when the Mass was always offered in Latin.

The old altar is still there, but it now has a modern altar in front of it, and the old pump organ at the back of the church is gone. The communion rail is gone too, and so is the confessional. How sad.
There was an old gentleman there that remembered my family, he is the Godfather to one of my sisters; we talked about the old ways and he said he doesn't see why some of the responses can't be sung in Latin like they once were- I think he would like to see a return to the Mass of the Ages. His wife, on the other hand..... well, you'll have to check Salve Regina in a day or two for a post on her views......
One of the neat things about this church is that you have to go across a bridge to get to it, there is a little creek that rolls and tumbles just a few feet away from the door, and during Mass when the windows are open you can hear the creek- a wonderful gentle murmur that is so much better than the sounds of traffic that invade Mass in the city!
After Mass we visited my mom, and my sister and her family. This is what Sundays are supposed to be like! A day to spend with God and family.


paramedicgirl said...

What an opposite reaction you got from Mr H!. His wife is totally swept up in modernism.

It was good to spend the day with you guys!

Marilena said...

its too bad that the modern altar is there:( but its a pretty little church!

UB said...

Best of luck and good wishes in your new home. You are on familiar land. All change requires settling time!

John Michael said...

Great pics!

I know our move back home a couple of years ago has been a tremendous blessing for us.