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Friday, May 15, 2009

Prayer request

Please pray for my sister, Marilena, who is scheduled for surgery today. She is terrified of surgery, so this is a tough day for her.
We love you, sis, and we'll be praying for you! Today is the feast day of St Dymphna, one of your favourite saints, so I'll pray to her to watch over you today in a special way. God bless you!

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Marilena said...

the anesthesiologist cancelled me and told me he would not risk operating on me because i have a bacterial infection in my lungs. iam really unhappy about because i prepared mentally for months for this surgery! he saw my lung sputuum and told me he would not administer anesthesia on me because i would end up in the intensive care unit. he told me to go home:( iam very unhappy. i begged him to allow me to have my suurgery and he told frank and i that he cannot in good conscience operate on a woman who has a bacterial infection in the lungs.