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Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm still here!

I spent the last few days in Creston with my husband, looking for a place to rent there. I've been praying to St. Joseph for help in this matter, and things are looking pretty good. We are waiting to hear back on two different places, and it's all a matter of time now. Things always seem to work out when I ask St. Joseph to help in temporal matters, and I give him thanks for all he has done for us.
I attended Mass there twice. Outside the church are two stone monuments; I particularly like this one:

There is also the Ten Commandments:

So nice to see something with meaning to it on display at this church. At Mass, I kneel for Communion, and had to laugh at myself on Sunday; my skirt got caught on the heels of my shoes as I was kneeling, so I had to sort that out before I could stand up. Good thing I was almost the last one in the line for Communion! I wish we could have a Communion rail for those who wish to receive kneeling, it makes it so much easier. I intend to start a petition to get the TLM in Creston, at least once a month. Of course, all that will have to wait until I'm actually living there!


paramedicgirl said...

I remember those plaques outside the Church from when I went to a funeral there a few years ago. It is very nice to see them displayed so openly. I hope you settle in to the Church there.

Changing the face of innovation - one trad at a time!

Marilena said...

i have never seen those plaques. they must be fairly new since i lived there. :) its nice to see those plaques! father trainor used to be the priest when i was there.

Aussie Therese said...

Those plaques look great.

Praying for you to find a place to live soon.

When we first saw this house I was a bit disappointed with St. Joseph but it has turned out to be perfect for us. As we renovate it it is becoming more and more our own.

I had to say sorry to St. Joseph for doubting him lol.