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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Holy Week Silence

I won't be posting this week as I prepare for Holy Week and Easter. I'm also quite busy, as we are moving to Creston B.C. My husband went there already to start his job on the 7th, and I stay here until he finds us a place to live with our horses, dogs, and cat. I'm waiting for a foal to arrive, any day (or more likely night!) I took Ted to B.C. a couple of days ago, and posted some photos of the awesome mountain scenery on my other blog . They are photos of the drive past the Columbia Icefields; talk about scenery that lifts your soul! Also, on the way home I stopped at Radium and visited their outdoor Stations of the Cross, and I saved the pictures for this blog. They are still a work in progress- the 7th and 14th Stations are not completed yet.
Here are a few of them to reflect upon.

Jesus falls the first time- Oh Jesus, the burden of my sins cause my fall from grace; help me !

Jesus meets his sorrowful Mother- Oh Mary , teach me to love Jesus as you did, and grant me the grace of humility

Nailed to the Cross- Oh Jesus, every blow of the hammer is one more of my sins.

God, crucified for love of us- forgive me, Lord, for I am a sinner!

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Marilena said...

very nice post shirley, and nice photos too:) drop by the garden or birds of a feather if you want:)