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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Faith Freedom Fighters

As I read my daily dose of LifeSite news, I can see that as the consequence of the rampaging pressure from the abortion industry and the homosexual activists,(Which I call the Culture of Death) we are experiencing a spark of leadership at long last from within the ranks of the Church.
Bishop Finn, in his speech at the 2009 Gospel of Life Convention in Kansas, is a good example of the leadership we so desperately need right now:

Every day the choice is before us: right or wrong; good or bad; the blessing or the curse; life or death. Our whole life must be oriented toward choosing right, the good, the blessing; choosing life.
If you and I fail to realize the meaning and finality behind our choices, and the intensity of the constant warfare that confronts us, it is likely that we will drop our guard, be easily and repeatedly deceived, and even loose the life of our eternal soul.
As bishop I have a weighty responsibility to tell you this over and over again. This obligation is not always easy, and constantly I am tempted to say and do less, rather than more. Almost everyday I am confronted with the persuasion of other people who want me to be silent. But – with God’s grace – you and I will not be silent.

And kudos to Miss California for having the courage to state her belief in marriage as being between a man and a woman when questioned by a homosexual judge- who should have been charged with hate crimes for this statement:

Reacting to Prejean's answer on his popular gossip blog, Hilton, an open homosexual, called the answer "the worst answer in pageant history."
"She lost, not because she doesn't believe in gay marriage, she lost because she's a dumb b*tch."
He went on to say in an interview:
If that girl would have won Miss USA, California, I would have gone up on stage, I sh*t you not, ... snatched that tiara off her head, and run out the door," said Hilton.
Hilton later apologized for the remarks, offering to take Prejean out for coffee and a "talk."
However, he revoked his apology on a subsequent MSNBC interview. "The more I've thought about it, the more - you know what? No, I'm going to stand by what I said just like she's standing by what she said," said Hilton.
"And I called her the 'b' word, and hey, I was thinking the 'c' word, and I didn't say it," he added, laughing.
Hilton said Miss California's answer "was divisive and alienated millions of gays and lesbians." Because "Miss USA should represent all Americans," said Hilton, Prejean should have given a more ambiguous answer in favor of state sovereignty in the marriage debate.
(And they accuse us of "hate crimes"!)
I like what miss Prejean had to say:
On Monday's Billy Bush Show, Prejean also said the answer "did cost me my crown," but also said she "wouldn't have had it any other way.
"I said what I feel. I stated an opinion that was true to myself and that's all I can do," said Prejean.
"It is a very touchy subject and he [Perez] is a homosexual, and I see where he was coming from, and I see the audience would've wanted me to be more politically correct. But I was raised in a way that you can never compromise your beliefs and your opinions for anything."
"I feel like I won. I feel like I'm the winner. I really do," said Prejean, who noted that she has been deluged with support since the telecast.
"That made me the real winner of the night."
This is a fine example of standing up for your beliefs and not succumbing to the desire for human respect at the cost of your soul.
In Poland, Archbishop of Krakow Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz also provided leadership and inspiration in his Good Friday address, stating:
Self-interested politicians are like Pilate," the Cardinal said.
"They kill the truth, fearing the loss of their jobs. They kill the truth about the conceived life of the child in the womb, supposedly claiming it was not even human life. They kill the truth about the sanctity of human life and dignity of the sick and old, saying it was no longer human life. They kill the truth about marriage as an indissoluble communion of man and woman, allowing for divorce and so-called free partnership unions," Cardinal Dziwisz said.
The Archbishop of Krakow stressed that the family should be the natural environment for new life and the development of children.
"The child has the right to be conceived as a fruit of love in the family, in marriage, not in a test tube.
"Let us be honest and courageous people. Let us not betray the truth about life for any price. Even at the cost of losing power, or places in parliament. Let us be defenders of life, which today is under threat, even in our own country," Cardinal Dziwisz emphasized.
So, even as the war against Christ's Church intensifies on all sides, there is a glimmer of hope that people from bishops on down to you and I are defending our faith, standing strong against the cancer that is today's society, threatening to destroy all that is good and holy. Keep praying for support from Heaven, and keep fighting the good fight. As Fr. Corapi says, "remember, in the end, we win!"

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