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Friday, March 6, 2009

My Journey, Continued

Many of us have suffered trials recently- some in financial situations, some in family and relationships, some in our own health and spiritual life. I look at the world and see the great troubles brewing there, with the installment of government officials in the U.S. who are radically pro-abortion, with euthanasia gaining popularity, with homosexuality running rampant, with the harvesting of organs from donors who are not dead, with growing gang violence, and especially with the world wide extermination of unborn children. There is always the cry, "how can God permit such evil"?
It isn't God who permits such evil, it is you and I. We as Catholics, know the Truth that God has sent us, and yet we so often succumb to the pressures of the world that lead us into denying our faith. We have become complacent with the world around us, and often are afraid of change. We shrug our shoulders and say, "it is what it is", or "that's the government for you" when we really need to say "I don't like what it is and I want to change that" or "our government needs to hear my concerns".
I am happy to hear of the Archbishop who attended the 40 Days For Life Vigil and other clergy who are, finally, becoming leaders by example. Biblically we are called sheep, and like sheep, we need to follow. But we need to choose wisely who we turn to for leadership. Use the criteria of your faith in determining this; even in the minutiae of your daily life you can choose to avoid situations which lead you into sin.
Look within yourself, do a moral inventory every day. God wills good things, and we can search for the good even in the troubles we might be experiencing. Like the song says, "get in touch with God, turn your radio on!"
I like the old logo for RCA Victor of the dog sitting in front of the gramophone, "His Master's voice". Have you listened today?

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