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Saturday, January 17, 2009

End of an Era

Tomorrow is my birthday, and it is also, thanks to George W. Bush, Sanctity of Life day. Great birthday gift!
John Jalsevac from Life Site News has some interesting comments in his editorial which looks back on the Bush administration, and a lot of what he says echos what Fr. Corapi said in his last newsletter. Here are some snippets for you:

For eight years we had a pro-life president; why, then, isn’t the U.S. a pro-life country? It is effortless to respond, “Because George Bush didn’t do as much as he could or should have, as much as we expected him to do.” It’s a lot harder to say, “Because we haven’t done as much as we could or ought to have.” And as with many other things, you will find that the hard answer strikes at the heart of things, while the easier is mere evasion.
We sometimes like to think that our politicians have unlimited power to do as they please. In other words we like to think that we have a dictator rather than a president. This gives us the comfort of feeling that once we’ve put “our man” in power, we’ve done all that we can: “Good ol' George’ll take care of things from here.” But of course that is the whole point of the elegant U.S. political structure – that no one has that power.
Bush himself was clearly aware of his own limitations, and the limitations of his fellow politicians. In his 2007 address to the March for Life, he observed: “As we move forward, we've all got to remember that a true culture of life cannot be built by changing laws alone. We've all got to work hard to change hearts. We will find areas where we can agree and, at the same time, work to persuade more of our fellow citizens to join this great cause.”

As Bush said earlier today, in his final address before Inauguration Day: “I have often spoken to you about good and evil. This has made some uncomfortable. But good and evil are present in this world, and between the two there can be no compromise. Murdering the innocent to advance an ideology is wrong every time, everywhere.”
Can you get any clearer than that? It’s not every day you hear that sort of talk from a politician. But we heard it day in and day out for eight years. It didn’t make him popular. Indeed, people hated him for it. But Bush never backed down. As Mark Steyn put it earlier this week, “George W Bush is who he is, and he never pretended to be anything but. Do you know how rare that is? If you don’t, you surely will after six months of Barack Obama’s enigmatic cool.”

To despair about Obama is to give him too much credit, to overestimate his power. The true response to Obama is the Christian response, and that is to shoulder the weight of the responsibility ourselves instead of looking to another fallen human being to save us; it is to step up our efforts to change the world within the limited sphere that has been given to us. And it is to labor under the knowledge that the final victory has already been won by Christ, and all we’re doing is somehow tying up the loose ends. In this way only will the United States, and the whole world, be transformed; in this way only will a true Culture of Life triumph.

United, we stand. Divided, we fall. It's time for Catholics and all Christians to fight evil by living our faith. Walk the walk. George Bush stood up for his beliefs; and it is the least that we can do.


Tom in Vegas said...

Happy Birthday!!!

"[W]hy, then, isn’t the U.S. a pro-life country?"

Apathy, thoughtlessness, political correctness, selfishness, and intensified secularism.

Aussie Therese said...

happy birthday from me too Shirley.