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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Journey, Continued

In my spiritual readings today, everything I read was about accepting suffering and humiliation. It got me to thinking about a conversation I had a few years ago with a young friend. We were talking about how suffering can purify the soul, and the grace derived from accepting suffering gladly. This young woman was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, and she just didn't understand. She talked about how her grandfather had suffered greatly before his death. Being such a young person, the thought of such suffering moved her to tears, and she told me she would be in favour of allowing drug-induced death rather than allowing the suffering to continue. There are so many people in the world today that have absolutely no idea about the redemptive value of suffering that it is no surprise that euthanasia is gaining in popularity. This all comes back to the lack of good religious education. There is a lot of clean-up to do for Catholics to repair the damage done in the last 50 years, and I believe that until we, as Catholics, return to the correct teachings of the Catholic Church, the world will continue in it's downward spiral. The good news is that we have a Pope who is attempting to return us to our traditions and Traditions, and I pray that he lives long enough to see the fruits of his labour. If you would like to read a report on this subject, go here.


Marilena said...

very good post shirley! i know what its like to suffer believe me. i offer it up to Jesus every single day. i say to Jesus, Jesus I trust in You! Jesus, I love You! All for You Jesus, all for You! He suffered more than any man on earth will ever suffer, and perhaps we need to be reminded of that as we suffer ourselves and offer it up to Christ. it draws you closer to Him, it really does! the more you suffer, the more you offer it up! euthanasia should be a crime! its a cop out! i'll die naturally or whatever causes it, but not by euthanasia thank you very much! i feel badly for that witness girl, because they are told also that perhaps its better off not to have children in this day and age because the end could come at any moment, and they are also told to take birth control to prevent families because the end might come, and this attitude of hers about euthanasia doesn't surprise me coming from a witness. its sad. it truly is. all for you Jesus, all for You!

Therese said...

We are on such a slippery slope in the western world.

Back in 2001 when Tom was diagnosed with type one diabetes we had a very tough year and I thought God was very distant. Looking back later though, I could see how close he was and how he helped our whole family through.

I truly believe without that experience and suffering, my faith wouldn't be as deep as it is. Suffering really does bring us closer to God.