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Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking Back

The end of the year is always a good time for reflection; and it has been quite a year for many of us. My husband and I moved into a new community in the spring where he found a job that suits him well; I too am working here at an Auction mart for cattle sales- which I thoroughly enjoy.
We have a little country church here which I helped to paint the interior, and did a little painting of the Holy Spirit for; my husband is now attending Mass regularly and receiving the Sacraments, for which I am very grateful that my prayers have been answered.
My husband got in contact with his daughter after many long years of not knowing her and we hope that she will decide to get to know him for the wonderful person he is.
I overcame my fear of flying to go to the coast to sponsor my niece for Confirmation.
I started two blogs- this one and my horse blog- which has led to more proficiency on the computer and camera, but more importantly, I have new friends to share with and pray for.
Every year must also have it's sadness, and while we had a wonderful family gathering for Dad's 80th birthday, he has, in the last few months, advanced in dementia, and it's very sad to see. My mother also is failing in health but increasing in holiness.
I lost my cat Otis last month to Urinary Tract disease, and my heart goes out to Tom in Vegas who lost his little dog, Critter, on Dec. 28th.
Although the world is in a recession, it hasn't hit us too hard, and I pray for relief for those who are struggling to get by.
So to all, I wish a Happy New Year and pray that God will bless you in all your spiritual and temporal needs, and that 2009 will see a renewal in traditional values in the Catholic Church, and will see more people living their faith.


Therese said...

It is wonderful Shirley that your husband is attending church more with you. I am very glad you started blogging and that you have become a good friend. My father also has advanced Dementia and I know how hard it is to see.

Congratulations on facing your fear of flying. I love flying personally since it is so fast.

I hope 2009 is a great year for you too full of blessings.


Shirley said...

Thanks, Therese. Blogging makes the world a smaller pace, and I'm happy to call you a friend.

John Michael said...

Cograts about your husband! That is so exciting.

Have a great year.