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Monday, December 8, 2008

Family: God set the example

In this news article from Australia, the Archbishop hits on a subject that infuriates the gay community. However, thank you to the Archbishop for this timely message, and affirming the necessity of fathers in the family. St. Joseph, please pray for and protect families.

Archbishop Barry Hickey laments lost fathers
Article from: PerthNow
December 06, 2008 06:00pm

THE absence of fathers is the biggest family and social problem in our society, according to Catholic Archbishop Barry Hickey.
Delivering his pre-Christmas message on Friday, Archbishop Hickey said the absence of dads was a bigger problem than drugs. ``If Father Christmas was offering me gifts, I would ask for peace in every family and a father at the heart of every family,'' he said.
``The absence of fathers is the biggest family and social problem we face today. It is the biggest cause of lifelong difficulties for fathers, mothers and, most of all, for children.
``The absence of fathers is bigger than anger, aggression, alcohol, drugs, crime and under-achievement by children because it is the biggest single contributor to all of them. ``This is borne out worldwide by every large-scale, long-term study of family.
I know that Father Christmas isn't going to solve this problem for me, but I keep praying for it.'' Archbishop Hickey said Christmas was an important time for families. But these days we were in danger of forgetting what family was, he said.
``Firstly, it is father and mother accepting lifelong responsibility for one another and their children and then it is sharing of family life within and across generations,'' he said.
``It is not only that Christmas is important for families. It is also true that family is important for Christmas. When God chose to send his only son to Earth to share in our humanity, he chose to place him in a family.
``He chose a mother, Mary, who gave her life to God's will and a father, Joseph, who gave his life to caring for Mary and Jesus.
``This was God himself confirming to us that children need to be raised in families where they can learn what it is to be a man and what it is to be a woman and how wonderful is the love between them.''


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